Goals for this week - Week of November 23, 2014

I'm hoping for a quieter week this week and I decided I am going to take Thursday and Friday completely off from anything work or school related.  We have Thanksgiving Day here on Thursday and in theory at least we're all off on Friday.  I say in theory because John is the on-call person for the church over the weekend.  While real emergencies are few and far between they are very real and severe - usually involving life and death and things surrounding potential life and death.  That means he needs to be available to go right away.

I started keeping track of my weekly to do list in a little different way and I found I'm much more productive!  I write out the goals for the week and then each day I write out the days goals with a priority marking next to each item.  I focus on only the high priority items - one of today's was being ready for class tomorrow! - and ignore the items I can postpone until after all the more important stuff is done.  It's been so helpful to be able to look at my to do list and rather than just starting at the top, focus on what needs to be done!  One resource I read said to also mark by how well something had to be done - can you just do it (for instance, picking up something from the store) or do you have to spend some time and concentration on it (your homework or that homemade gift, for example).  I haven't really had to do that but just seeing at a glance that reminder of what is more important sure does help me!

Keeping a quieter week in mind for this week, here are my goals for this week:

* write test and give it
* prep for a review and a class session
* Grade!  (A lot)
* Update both course webpages

* Reading and more reading - hoping to finish one book and start the next

* Teach 2 classes this week
* Attend at least one other class this week, preferably two
* Learn 2 new routines this week
* Purchase a new power cord for my microphone receiver

* Clean off the guest room bed
* Mend 4 items (hoping for more than that!)
* Sew 3 gifts - two with Missy plus one other
* Make at least one other Christmas gift
* Have the oven coil replaced  (John is taking care of this one for me!)
* Go through the budget with John to figure out a better way of keeping track of our longer-term finance goals

* Attend Thanksgiving dinner with friends - bring fruit and dessert
* Play at least two games with the children
* Have an at home date night with John
* Phone my Mom - it's her birthday this week too!
* Phone my in-laws and my parents on Thanksgiving
* Get the children's hair cuts (I have a coupon!)

* Thanksgiving Eve worship - bring Krumkaka for the tea afterward
* Proofread John's sermon's this week (yes, sermons - there are two of them this week)
* Write two letters
* Frame artwork for John's office - we had the artwork and the frame for weeks but haven't framed it yet.  And find an Advent decoration or two for John's office. 
* Pray for our sister/partner parishes
* Update my prayer list
* Bring out the Advent items and get them set up around the house

* Paint my toenails
* Spend 30 minutes completely alone
* Spend 1 hour doing embroidery

What are you up to this week? 


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