Super Savings - A Miscalculation and $21 spent out of pocket in my "no spend" month

Well, .... as they say.... it pays to read the fine print.

Somehow I totally missed that our fruit CSA delivers every other week not every week as I assumed.  So we started off on Thursday this past week with absolutely no fruit except one very wrinkled orange that has been in my crisper drawer for who knows how long and a half a pint of blueberries (not counting some canned pears and mandarin oranges in the pantry).  UGH.  And double sigh.

That got paired with the host for the BBQ we planned on attending on the 4th of July ending up in the hospital (this wasn't totally unexpected but was a big bummer since we were all looking forward to getting together), and a run to the store was somewhat of a necessity, though in hindsight we could have spent a whole lot less.

I don't have a photo because I ran to the store super late on Thursday evening (after we had received word of our host's hospitalization) and was so tired when I got home I just put everything away.

I did stop at Aldi on the way home on Thursday since we had an idea we might not have the BBQ on Friday and there I spent just over $6 which got me:

8 ears of Corn
One package of 8 Hot Dog Buns
One Box of Ice Cream Cones
One Avocado

The later trip to Target (I went there because I needed a certain size mailing envelope that they carry there but not the grocery store) and for $15 I got the following plus the envelope:

Cherry Tomatoes
A Dozen Large Eggs
Gallon of Milk

John had used a gift card earlier in the week to buy a pint of whipping cream so we could make homemade ice cream this weekend.  We have enough left for another batch of ice cream too! YUM!

I'm seriously hoping this week to keep it at a gallon of milk and maybe butter and/or eggs.  We have a ton of food in the house and you would think we could manage. Last week was a very rough week and I'm thinking that panic mostly managed the purchase of a lot of this.  I'm hoping to write more about the rough week later this week - Lord willing, of course!

How did you do with your shopping this week?


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