Goals - Week of July 6, 2014

Some of the BEAUTIFUL flowers we saw earlier this year at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at the Como Zoo.  I wish my flowers at home looked this good!

As I said earlier this week, it's been a rough week and continues on that vein.  UGH.  I've already decided that life is never "normal" and that God is still good no matter what.   

We decided that this summer was a perfect time to deep clean the house, do a lot of cleaning up and do some relatively simple and relatively inexpensive updates that we've been hoping to do for a long time.  So I've been doing a lot of cleaning and painting this last week.  The kitchen is basically done (I might have to do a second coat but I'm not sure yet) and now on to the living room!  We're hoping to tear out the carpet in there this week - that's been on my agenda for 14 years now!  There are hardwood floors under there so we're hoping those are in good enough shape to toss an area rug over them and call it good.  Eventually we'll get all the hardwood floors refinished (our main floor except the kitchen and bathroom) but not this year.

Here are my goals this week:

Do one item on my list for getting ready for fall classes.

Do two items on my list for graduating!
Talk with my advisor via email.

Teach 2 classes
Learn 2 new routines
Attend at least 1 class, preferably 2

Swimming Lessons
Piano Lessons (we didn't have these last week)
Dance Lessons (we didn't have these the last two weeks)
Go to the library
Play date for Missy
Buddy has a birthday party to attend
Schedule an appointment for a family photo

Finish weeding the flower bed around the patio (I actually only have one small spot left now on Tuesday).
Finish weeding the front flower bed.
Transplant the rhododendron from the front flower bed to a better spot in the back yard.
Transplant two columbine.
Wash and polish the kitchen cabinets.
Wash, prep and paint two walls in the living room. (I'd like to get all four done, but I'm aiming for 2.)
Wash the living room curtains and furniture slip covers.
Clean out the living room bookcases, the roll top desk, the key stand, and the book baskets.
Recycle 1 recycle bin full of paper/magazines/newspaper.
Drop off one trunk load of donations for the school rummage sale.
Tear up the carpet in the living room (if I get the whole thing painted).
If I get two walls painted and the furniture I want cleaned out in the living room, I'll clean out the china cabinet and the library box too.

Proofread John's sermon for this weekend.
Wednesday night potluck and worship.
Help John make arrangements for phase two of Internship (which starts in August).
Keep up with my Gratefulness Journal (I've fallen by the wayside with this!)

Paint toe nails again.
Get to bed on time five nights this week.
Finish the embroidery for my sister-in-law (I'm SO close with this one - I just need to finish the date!) and take it in for framing.

What are you up to this week?


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