You Know You Live In Minnesota When...

...the snowdrifts are taller than your car. race the plow home so you don't get "plowed out" of your driveway (or in if you're planning on leaving soon). bake cookies and take them to the nearest DOT office as a thank you to the snowplow driver who saw you coming and let you get into your driveway before he plowed passed it!

... you have to watch for snowmobiles on the intersections on the way home after dark (and sometimes in the afternoon too!).

...classes are canceled due to wind chill...not snowfall. have to scale a 3-foot-tall snow pile to get from the parking lot to the sidewalk in front of the store or business you need to go to.  And it doesn't phase you in the least. know to lift small children over the pile of snow next to the sidewalk before climbing over yourself. rains in the bathroom because it's cold enough outside for the water vapor to condense out of the air in the exhaust vent.

...warm, ear-covering hats are a fashion are tall, waterproof, fleece (or fur) lined boots.  And no one cares what their hair would look like because frostbite would look even worse. wonder how anyone could leave their gloves anywhere other than on their hands.

...the teachers know which snow pants belong to which child - and they're all black bib snow pants! take the freeway to and from work because you know they plowed that already. know the brand of snow blower by the sound it makes.

...when you pack extra food and drinks for the drive to school because you know it can take a long time (1 hour and 45 minutes for a 20-minute drive this morning folks - and that's in the city!).'s pajama day at school and you don't have to tell the children to wear long sleeves because they only own long-sleeved winter pajamas!

...the school has projects for parents to help with (cutting out shapes, filing papers, organizing, etc.) on icky days because they know that some parents will just stay all day rather than going home and coming back to pick their children up.

...the children refuse "hot" lunch on a day when it features anything cold - including ice cream!

...and the temperature reaches +10F and you don't wear socks, slippers or shoes in the house because it feels positively balmy!

We now have enough snow that this guy is up to his waist in snow and we had to take off the hat because it would have been long gone!!!  WOW!

Hope winter is treating you well where you are and that you are all safe and warm.


  1. Looking forward to those +10 days! There haven't been many lately. We Minnesotans do have our own quirks but I love living here.


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