These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - So Grateful

So our week didn't really turn out the way we'd hoped. 

I was sick with some kind of virus/stomach bug Wednesday and Thursday.  I slept all day Wednesday and kind of limped along through what I had to do on Thursday.

But Friday was the kicker.

My Thankful List at the end of the day went something like this:

Today's Blessings:
* The ER
* Aspirin
* John not having a heart attack

Yep - we spent Friday in the ER with John having chest pain, radiating down his arm no less.  Fortunately all of his tests came back negative so he did NOT have a heart attack, but he does have to follow up with a cardiologist on either Monday or Tuesday.  His heart rate and his blood pressure were terribly high - something that is extremely odd for him - and they definitely want to check him out and make sure everything is okay.

I am so very grateful.

Grateful for immediate care for my husband.
Grateful for simple things like Aspirin that are easy preventive medicine.
Grateful for my husband coming home with us on Friday rather than having to stay overnight in the hospital.
Grateful for God's mercy that John did not have a heart attack.
Grateful that we have good medical care available and that we have both insurance and a flex spend account to pay for it.
Grateful that I have more time with my husband.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Glad that John is OK!

    I'm grateful for little moments of quiet beauty: the yellow that almost looked like a goldfinch as it blew through my yard today.


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