Super Savings Saturday - $39.26 spent this week

Wow - nothing like going AWOL for two whole weeks!  We've had colds, some kind of virus and a huge attack of my shingles, complete with locked up muscles.  Yuck. 

John went shopping this week. Last week we all went as a family and we spent our $30 budget right on the nose - it made me laugh when the cashier had to look again to make sure we didn't owe any change!  This week we went over - which is okay, it just means we have $20.74 for next week since we do our budget in two week chunks.  We decided that it was okay to go over this week since there was a really good deal on steak at one of our local stores. 

So, today, while I was teaching Jazzercise, John and the children ran to the store.  He didn't get a photo but here's what he bought:

Store #1:
Hunts' Tomato Sauce 2 @ $0.88 = $1.76
3.56lbs Beef Sirloin Steak @ $2.99/lb = $10.64
Crystal Farms Shredded Cheddar Cheese 2 @ $1.98 = $3.96
Crystal Farms Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 2 @ $1.98 = $3.96
Yoplait Yogurt 10 @ $0.55 each = $5.55
Total Spent Store #1: $25.82

Store #2:
Pert Plus $2
2.85lbs Bartlet Pears @ $1.69/lb = 4.81
3lbs Gala Apples $3.49
Gallon Skim Milk $2.98
Total including tax Store #2: $13.44

Total Spent Both Stores: $39.26
Total Saved According to Receipts: $4.27 (actual saved is way higher than this!)

We really didn't need much this week but we're getting low on meat so we decided we probably should buy some and with steak at $2.99 - which is a price we almost never see here - we decided to buy some.  We'll use most of it in stir fry or sandwiches or on top of salads so stretch it out a bit and enjoy it for a while.  We had apples, pineapple and a watermelon plus some mandarin oranges from the previous weeks and have lots of other things in the freezer, cupboards and the veggie drawer of the refrigerator so we will be eating fine.

Our big purchase this week was a new queen size mattress - I'd been getting hip, neck and thigh pain from our old one plus neither of us were sleeping well so we decided it was time.  There was  a really good sale so we bought a new mattress and had it delivered today.  I'm excited to get a good night's sleep tonight! Don't even ask about cleaning out under the bed, though - yikes!

How did you do with your shopping this week?


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