Super Savings Saturday - I spent $45.36 ($14.64 left of 2 week budget)

I hope you all have the lovely weather today that we have had.  Even more fortunate we were able to spend some of it out-of-doors, which was lovely!  I think the weather has officially moved into the "fall-ish" category - mid to high 70's F - but we're loving it and enjoying our patio, yard, and various outdoor events.

We had a lot going on this last week, though less than we've had the past few weeks.  We had VBS and John and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!  It's really hard to believe that 15 years have flown by (and I do mean flown) and now we're here. 

We are still working to figure out this whole grocery budget thing - mainly in preparation for internship starting in May 2014 - and right now we are using $30 and change each week for groceries or $1600 for groceries, toiletries, and paper products.  We decided to drop the change from our weekly cash grocery month to make the math (and the envelope) easier for the cash part.  Yesterday started a new pay cycle, so we had $60 in the cash envelope when I went out today.  I spent $45.36 today, leaving me just $14.64 for next week.  Perfectly do-able!
Here's our CSA for the week this week:

Compared to our previously over-crowded weeks, this doesn't seem like much.  Back row: 4 Beets; Middle Row: Green and Purple Beans, Peas, 5 Carrots; Front Row: Red Potatoes, 2 Green Peppers, Cucumbers (4 regular and 2 English), one clove Garlic, 2 chili peppers, and 3 Eggplants.
We have enough here to have beets, carrots, peppers, and chilies for this week. We have enough of everything else to last us at more than a week! My plan is to blanch and freeze at least one meal each of the peas and beans and dice and freeze one of the green peppers.  The cukes and eggplant will keep for at least week in the fridge.  The garlic sits on the counter with the onions and will get used as we need it.  We love garlic at our house so we can use this up pretty fast!
From our own garden we picked one purple pepper, 3 yellow zucchini, and a handful of red grape tomatoes and a handful of yellow pear tomatoes.

Here's my grocery store trip minus two gallons of skim milk that ended up in the fridge before the photo was taken.  The bag in front of the watermelon contains 6 ears of corn.
Here's the breakdown for the week:
Store #1:
Coffee $4.99 with store coupon = $4.99
Hunt's Tomato Sauce 3 @ $0.88 = $2.64
6 ears corn @ $0.17 each with store coupon = $1.02
Blueberries 2 pints @ $3.99/ea use store coupon for B1G1 = $3.99
Braeburn Apples 3lbs @ $2.98 with store coupon = $2.98
Seedless Personal Size Watermelon $2.88
Fancy Smoked String Cheese $5.98 (Yes, I totally splurged!)
Crystal Farms Shredded Cheese 3 @ $1.77 with store coupon = $5.11
Total Store #1: $29.20 
Total Saved (According to store receipt): $16.03
Store #2:
Always 18ct Maxi $4 - $1 - $1 (doubled coupon) = $2
Always 24ct Maxi $2.98 with store coupon = $2.98
Bananas 1.9lbs @ 0.39/lb = $0.74
Baby Bella Mushrooms $1.48 with store coupon = $1.48
Blackberries 6oz 2 @ $1.99 = $3.98
1lb Store Brand Salted Sweet Cream Butter $1.98 with store coupon = $1.98
2 Gallons Store Brand Skim Milk @ 2/$5 = $5
Total Store #2: $16.16
Total Saved (According to store receipt): $12.26 
Total Spent Both Stores: $45.36 (38%)
As I mentioned, earlier, this leaves us with just $14.64 for next week. I'm not worried at all about that - we will have plenty of food to eat!
This week the tomato sauce, coffee, 1 pint of blueberries and 2 of the corn ears will go into our stockpile.  Two of the packets of cheese and the butter went into the freezer as well.  I'll freeze the blueberries and will blanch and freeze the two ears of corn.  The mushrooms, apples and milk should last us into next week too, especially since we're eating dinner at church 3 nights in a row this week without having to bring a dish to share, though I might make cookies or something just because it feels weird not bringing anything. 
Come back Monday to see what we're eating. 
And how did you do with your shopping this week?


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