Goals - Week of July 14, 2013

Wow, did that week go fast!  Zip - gone. 

We had a fabulous weekend.  It was filled with friends, good food and relaxation.  Why can't every weekend be like that?  Something to work on I guess.

Here was my to-do list for last week and what I actually got done"

* Clean out 1 drawer in my filing cabinet  only partly got this done
* Outline course for fall
* Put together equipment list and turn in for order
* Clean out and answer my email in-box

* Meet with my committee
* Draft of proposal  didn't even look at this!
* Finish draft of paper with a colleague

* Teach 3 classes this week
* Learn 2 new routines

* Sign up for CPR renewal  I'm struggling to find a class that meets at a time I can actually go.

* Missy Doctor Appointment Monday
* Swimming Lessons Monday
* Piano Lessons Wednesday

* Write Thank You Notes to my in-laws for their trip up here
* At-home Date Night Thursday
* Family Night Friday
* Have John's Seminary Colleagues over for dinner Saturday

* Clean out our furnace room  We finally took the huge pile of things to be donated to the thrift store which cleaned up a huge part of that room but we have a loooong way to go!
* Finish cleaning out our bedroom
* Write a thank you note to our friends who hosted the 4th of July BBQ we attended
* Weed around the patio and the walkway between the house and garage

* Catch up my ironing (why does this always seem to be on the list!???!)  made some progress but not much. Why can't everything just be perma-press? Sigh.

* Write our Compassion International Child  Got a letter half done but I need to finish it.
* Update my prayer journal
* Proofread John's sermon for Sunday
* Iron John's Ecclesiastical robes for Sunday
* Pray for our former congregation and the congregation John is preaching at on Sunday

* Go to bed on time each night this week  I only did this about half the time.
* Soak my feet and paint my toenails

It was a rather quiet week so I actually got quite a bit done. I also decided that I was going to focus on doing one thing at work or school and one thing at home per day rather than trying to get a zillion and one things done at a time.  That seemed to work really well!
Here's this week's list:

* Activities plan for Unit 1
* Finish cleaning out the drawer
* Finalize arrangements for a TA

* Send off the paper draft
* Bug my adviser :)
* Attack that proposal

* Teach 2 times
* Learn 2 new routines
* Finally get signed up for CPR Renewal

* Swimming Monday
* Piano Lessons Wednesday
* Family Night:
* Date Night at Home: Bonfire and Dessert

* Clean out 25 things
* Mulch the flower bed around the patio
* Write thank you notes
* Finish catching up the ironing

* Finish the letter to our Compassion child
* Proofread John's Sermon for Wednesday night
* Make sure that everything that belonged to our former congregation has been returned (keys, choir folders, etc.)
* Pray for the congregation John is preaching at this week
* Order John 3 more clerical shirts

* Soak my feet and paint my toenails

What are you up to this week?   Visit to Money Saving Mom to share.


  1. I think this is one night I will go to bed on time and sleep well! I painted all morning and man am I tired today!

    Good luck with the filing cabinet drawer. That stuff can be very stressful :)

  2. Your goals look quite ambitious compared to mine! Great job!

    I'm also working on getting to bed on time lately. I haven't learned jazzercise, but I am working on exercising with my Wii Fit. I'm learning yoga. :)

    1. So sorry to take so long to post your comment Tanya! My computer has been down and out (or "having a bad week" as a co-worker of mine put it!). I used to do yoga and loved it but then my studio closed and I haven't found another one I liked. If you like dancing you might just love Jazzercise too (go to Jazzercise.com and put in your zip code to find a class). Really, anything that keeps you active is just perfect!

      And I'm sure you do more in a week than you think - you just don't write it all down! :)

      Thanks for commenting!


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