Goals - Week of June 2, 2013

It's officially summer here at our house this week - the children are off as of Tuesday (they came home with full backpacks today) and we're heading to park after school with friends to celebrate the end of the year with a picnic and playing. Fortunately, we have some nice indoor parks nearby if the weather is wet, which is what it looks like it will be.

I'm hoping to have more time in the evenings now that I'm not scrambling to meet daily deadlines at school and work to get things done around the house and I'm taking Friday's off to spend some time with the children and get bigger projects done as well as hopefully having some time for rest and relaxation too.

Here's my goal list for this week

* Clean out my backpack and binders

* Cross 2 things off my to-do list

* Teach 4 classes
* Learn 2 new routines
* Submit my paperwork for May

* Swimming Lessons x 2
* Picnic at the park with friends 
* Family Night: Put together Summer "Bucket List", Bonfire
* At home date night with John: Bonfire and Apple Crisp

* Finish edging back flower bed
* Clean out children's rooms (supervise them doing this)
* Finish cleaning out our bedroom
* Drop off old uniforms for the uniform swap at school
* Put together idea board for our "office in a closet" that we're going to install later this summer
* Update budget book and savings charts
* Purchase and put in rest of vegetables (the ones I don't start from seed, like tomatoes)

* Continue with my Memory Work - I'm so behind on this!
* Finish photo albums from our former church (these are almost done, I just need to finish)
* Update my prayer journal
* Finish the last of our church transfer paperwork
* Write letter to our Compassion child
* Bible Study Wednesday night and Saturday morning, Mid-Week Worship on Wednesday

* IKEA trip with my best friend (she's buying a few things and I'm gathering ideas!) after Bible Study
* Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night

What are you up to this week?


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