Monday, May 20, 2013

Goals for the Week of May 19, 2013

Well, the semester is DONE for me at work, so now it's just prepping for fall - I'm revamping another course so it will be a lot of work to get ready for that - and my dissertation work.  Honestly, I'm excited to have the time to just get-'er-done, as they say around here.  Looking forward to graduating this year and not having that huge weight hanging over my head all the time.

Here's my goals for this week:

   * Clean up my desk
   * Finalize Grades for this semester and Books for fall classes

    * Complete 3 things on my to-do list  (I have a separate, long list of individual things to do for this and for the most part pick and choose depending on my schedule and the time I have available.)

    * Teach 4 classes
    * Attend one specialty class
    * Learn 3 new routines

   * Piano Lessons x 2
   * Swimming Lessons x 2
   * Dance Recital Practice
   * Time with my in-laws
   * Date night

   * Birthday party thank you notes mailed
   * Clean out a total of 35 things this week (7 items each day M-F)
   * Take donations to the thrift store
   * Wash the living room curtains
   * Wash the inside of the windows upstairs
   * Hem the curtain in my son's room
   * Update the budget book and make visual representation of our savings still needed for Internship Year

   * Finish the paperwork for our church transfer and turn it in
   * Prayer for our now former congregation
   * Update our prayer journal
   * Write our Compassion International Child

   * Repaint my toenails
   * Get to sleep on time or early every night this week
   * Pick up my new eye glasses

I'm super excited to spend some time with my in-laws this weekend - we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and the cousins are growing up so fast!  If the weather cooperates, we'll head to the water park and have a picnic there otherwise we'll just hang out and chat and play board games! :)

What are you up to this week?

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