Super Savings Saturday - January 2013 Pantry Challenge Shopping Trip #1

Soooo..... I went to the store, bought my groceries, came home and put everything away.
And then realized that I didn't take a picture.  **Smack forehead!**

 So, you'll have to deal with a no-picture pantry challenge shopping trip!

Sorry about that....I'm making myself a big note for next week.  Because you know these posts are a lot more fun if I have pictures!  Just sayin'. 

So our pantry challenge is $50 for the month of January for groceries, toiletries and paper products.   Today we shopped at 2 stores.  Here's what we bought:

Store #1:
Fresh Express Lettuce 2 bags B1G1  $2.79  w/store coupon
4lb Navel Oranges $1.69 w/store coupon
Large Cantaloupe $2.50

Total Spent:  $6.98   Total Saved (from store receipt): $4.10

Store #2:
3.06 lbs Bananas @ $0.49/lb   $1.50
5lbs Russet Potatoes 2 bags B1G1 $2.79
1 pint Grape Tomatoes 2 pints B1G1 $2.49
1 Gallon Skim Milk $2.49  w/store coupon

Total Spent: $9.27   Total Saved (from store receipt): $6.39

Total Spent:  $16.25     Total Saved: $10.49 (from store receipts)

Total Left for January Pantry Challenge:  $33.75

The potatoes will last for a few weeks, the tomatoes for two weeks and the salad will probably last us into next week too, so we're good with all of those for a while.  I'd like more fresh fruit but we have pineapple, grapefruit, blueberries and a few apples left over from last week so we should be good for a while yet anyway. 

How did you do with frugal shopping this week? 


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