Goals for the Week of January 6, 2013

So, a new year with a new start!  My hope for 2013 is to be intentional about what I'm doing so I wrote my weekly goals list accordingly.

I have an opportunity to take some time to do some writing on both my dissertation and another paper this week, so that's my primary goal.  The dissertation will come first with a few breaks to work on the paper along the way.  I'll do a little work making sure all my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed from last semester and finalize my syllabus for next semester as well as schedule moving things like my computer and my phone to my new office and that will be it for work.

I'm also back to teaching Jazzercise this week (yay!) and we had new routines and new music come out while I was sick so I'm going to learn several routines this week and start getting myself caught up - no worries, the routines I'm working on are at the lighter intensity or strength training parts of the set so I'm not going to push myself too much here.  

Since I'm not going to be grading papers and such in the evenings, I am going to work on cleaning out at home.  I've been doing good so far and I want to keep the momentum going so that by the end of the month it's a habit.  I'm almost caught up on my ironing and I have a couple projects for our home congregation and I need to get done and back to them before this whole mess there blows up.

I've been putting off getting my hair cut, partly because I have no idea what I want to do with it and partly because I've been too tired to go.  This week is the week! I'm also going to let Missy paint my toe nails. :)

So here's the run-down:

* Finalize syllabus for spring
*Finish up anything that still needs to be finished from last semester
* Schedule moving my office
*Outline what I need to do still for my dissertation
*Piano Lessons x2 on Monday
* Dance Lessons on Thursday
* Dance Lessons on Saturday
* John at Intensive Classes Week this week
* Mail box of Christmas presents to my parents (we want to bake cookies to add and haven't done that yet)
* Date Night at Home: Play a game, Apple Crisp, Hot Drinks
* Family Night: Presentation of our Lord, Make a King’s Cake (Yes, I realize this is a week late. We had something else already planned for this last week before I got my head screwed back on straight and realized that, yes, Epiphany is this week too. Sigh.)
* Teach class 2x
* Learn 5 new routines
* Put together 1 new set
* 15 minutes of cleaning out each day
* Finish catching up ironing
* Inventory the upstairs freezer
* Inventory the upstairs cupboards
* Bake cookies
* Daily Chores for me and the children
* Clean out and re-organize storage bins
* Gather all items to finish church photo albums
* Evaluate what still needs to be done to finish the church photo albums - start if able
* Sew LWR Quilt top
* Take one load of items to donate
* Pray for our home congregation - things are really 'coming to a head' there and we're very concerned
* Hair Cut
* Paint toe nails
* Clean out underclothes and socks

What are you up to this week?
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