Goals for the week of January 20, 2013

Last week was a week that was both quiet and frantic.  My Dad started chemo, our schedule and routine went out the window, I realized just how much my energy level was just not back up to snuff and my children had Friday off for the end of their quarter.   Add to that frantically trying to finish Buddy's car for the Pinewood Derby, a million phone calls back and forth with my parents, the box I mailed my parents getting lost in the mail somehow, it taking just about a miracle to get my office moved at work and I didn't really know if I was coming or going.  

We had a blast at the Minnesota Children's Museum on Friday with our friends and ended up spending the entire day there (we'd planned to end with lunch).  We had two kids who fell asleep about 3 seconds after they crawled into bed that night and I'm betting our friends children did too!  Saturday was successful with Buddy coming home with a 3rd place trophy (you should have seen his smile!) and Missy and I finding material for not just our Easter dresses but probably another dress for each of us too!  We also bought fleece on 50% off for two pairs of pants for Buddy and two fleece pullovers, one for Missy and one for Buddy. 

In the midst of everything else, I did manage to finish one chapter in my dissertation done and send it off for review, check my paperwork, and schedule an appointment with my adviser for this week.

I didn't get everything done but, considering how crazy last week felt, I think we did pretty good!

* Finalize first unit for classes this spring.
* Move my office (all scheduled, I just have show up and 'direct traffic'!)  This is a work in progress.
* Meet with my adviser Appointment scheduled!
* Finish drafts of 2 chapters (almost done this past week) and send off for initial review  Got one done and out for review!
* Check to make sure my paperwork is up to date, file anything that isn't.  Working on filing.
* Piano Lessons x2
* Dance Lessons Thursday
* Dance Lessons Saturday
* Pinewood Derby (John and Buddy) Saturday
* Fabric Shopping - for Easter Dresses (me and Missy) Saturday
* More intensive classes for John this week
* Family Night Friday Night: Confession of Peter
* Date Night Saturday: Puzzle, Hot Drinks, Rhubarb Crisp
* Buddy - Sleepover Saturday night This was postponed to this week due to sickness in the family where he would be staying.
* Children's Museum of Minnesota with friends Friday
* Finish reading Prince Caspian by CS Lewis to the children  We had a couple more chapters to go, so we'll finish this this week.
* Teach 2 classes
* Put together 1 new set
* Learn 2 new routines
* Inventory upstairs cupboards
* Catch up the ironing  Make more progress but not quite caught up yet - soooo close!
* Inventory pantry
* Inventory chest freezer
* Daily Chores for me and the children
* Clean out 15 minutes per day
* LWR Quilt top finished and returned
* Find items for church photo albums, evaluate what needs to be done
* Begin memorizing Romans
* Pray for our home congregation
* Get my hair cut - Tuesday  I just decided on a trim until I figure out what I really want to do.
* Polish my shoes 

Here's what's on tap this week:

* Continue revising my first unit for class.
* Finish moving my office
* Meet with my department chair

* Meet with someone else on my committee
* Meet with my adviser
* Schedule another meeting with the Statistician
* Revise my Literature Review

* Piano Lessons X 2
* Dance Lessons Thursday
* Dance Lessons Saturday
* Family Night on Friday: Titus, Timothy, & Silas, Missionaries; Lydia, Dorcas & Phoebe, Witnesses to the Faith: Make Thank You notes for our Pastors
* Sleepover Saturday Night for Buddy
* Date Night on Saturday: At Home: Play a Game, Apple Crisp
* Finish Reading Prince Caspian to the children; start Voyage of the Dawn Trader by C.S. Lewis
* Prep all items for homemade Valentine's this week (several things require cutting skills beyond my children - using templates and the like)

* Teach 2 classes this week
* Attend at least 1 other class this week
* Learn 3 new routines
* Put together 2 new sets

* 15 minutes of cleaning out each day
* Finish up that ironing already
* Inventory the deep freeze
* Inventory the pantry
* Daily Chores for me and the children (we've got a pretty good system going, just need to make it a habit now!)
* Clean out and organize the storage bins

* Return the LWR quilt top
* Write our Compassion International Child
* Work on the Church Photo Albums
* Continue working on memorizing Romans
* Continue praying for our home congregation

* Polish my shoes
* Evaluate my wardrobe for the spring - list any gaps

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