Goals For March

I've been hoping to get back to posting regularly for quite a while now, and I'm still hoping to get back to at least three times a week.  Thank you so much for sticking with me in the meantime!

March starts on Thursday this week.  Ummm, where did February go?  I think I missed it!

I'm hoping to post on my goals for January and February next week but right now, here are my goals for March:

* Wash Face Nightly - I have acne and I hate washing my face but it's a necessity. I know that if I was more diligent about this, I would have less acne.  So this is my "small goal" for this month.
* Figure out a way to attend 3 Jazzercise Classes a week - I teach two but really should attend three times a week.  I practice daily at home, reviewing routines and learning new ones but I love going to class and I miss seeing my friends at the other classes.  Plus, it's just good to see other people teaching!
* Update budget - we need to sit down and do a review and update the budget.
* Cross 3 things off my Dissertation to-do list
* Submit my Midterm grades - is it that time already?
* Reinforce "Please", "Thank You", and "May I?" with the children
* Spring Flower Twig Craft with the children
* New love letter books for John and me - John and I went through World Wide Marriage Encounter 2 years ago and we write love letters to each other following their 10/10 technique each night.  We need to journal-type books for this so I'm making some for us this month!
* Continue my Lenten Discipline -  30 minutes of exercise, prayer and dissertation writing (body, spirit, and mind) each day - this was a challenge from a friend and I'm loving it!
* Write to our Compassion International Child - I'm trying to do this Monthly so she knows that we care!
* Make homemade birthday presents for our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. - I have things to make for everyone but I always seem to get behind, so I'm going to try to get them all done this month!
* Spend time with John daily - we try to do our 10/10 nightly but sometimes life just happens (sick kids, John getting called into work, me getting stuck late at work, etc.).  We're trying to make "us" time a top priority!
* Finish 1 baby quilt gift - really do need to get this done!
* Finish comforter covers for the kid's beds - these too!
* Bake French Bread - I want to do this on an afternoon when I can be home to watch it the whole time.  Hasn't happened yet! This month - really!
* Finish reading Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn
* Finish decorating kids rooms - I need to hang pictures and sew a set of window toppers.  That's it!

I'm hoping that this is all do-able - even with the busy weeks we've been having.  Now that the bulk of the house cleaning out is done, it's so much easier to work on other things and actually accomplish them!

What are you going to work on in March?  Care to share?  I'd love to hear!


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