Sunday, September 18, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things - First Grade

My munchkins officially started first grade this fall - three whole weeks ago now.  It's hard for me to believe that my babies are six already - the time has gone by so fast and it just seems that they were teeny, tiny little babies just a short while ago.  Now they're reading, writing and, in Missy's case, doing multiplication in her head!

And I'm lovin' it.

I love watching my children head out the door each and every morning so excited about school.

I love having my children sound out a new word or read a simple sentence.

I love having my children clamor to tell me about something that happened at school today.

I love having my children share the things that others brought for show-and-tell.

I love having my children get excited about field trips.

I love the freshly pressed school uniforms hanging in their closets.

I love the excitement over their first spelling test (yes, they got excited about it!).

I love the clean white knee socks, and jumbles of lunch boxes and back packs.

I love that their teacher greats them every morning with hugs.

I love that their teacher takes personal interest in each and every student.

I love that every single adult and most of the kids in the their K-8 school know them by face and name.

I love that my children are so excited about learning that I have to tell them to put the book down and go play.

I love that my children want to share that learning with me.

I am lovin' first grade!

Truly, it is one of my favorite things.

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