Healthy Habits in 2011 - Exciting Stuff!

I'm really excited with what I've been doing on this area.  Even with being sick and having a house full of sickies for the last two weeks,  I've made progress. 

I found and calibrated that darn pedometer.  Progress.
I keep forgetting to wear said pedometer.  (No, that's not progress!)

I've been doing much better with snacking. Progress.
It's really hard to snack when you're doing things that require your hands and when I have to tell my accountability partner what I've eaten it tends to cut down on mindless eating.  Crackers are still a weakness - especially right before bed (a habit I started when I was pregnant how many years ago now!) - but I have managed to cut down to a few oyster crackers from a whole bowl of saltines.  I don't need the salt  and I don't need the calories!

The biggest thing - and the most exciting - is that I took that first step to being a Jazzercise instructor!

I had an impromptu opportunity this week to do a movement screening.  I decided that if I could pass the movement screening with a roaring head cold, 3 1/2 hours of sleep and shoes that left my feet screaming I would be okay.

I found out Monday that I passed! 


I might not be thin, but at least I have good form! :)

I'm excited about that.

I also have some new goals for myself for while I'm working out:

1. Don't slouch when doing floor work - I tend to let my posture go when I'm on the floor doing leg and ab work (leg work especially) which is bad for my back and doesn't work the muscles correctly.

2. Return all the way to my heel when doing moves where I land on my toe (i.e. knee lifts, etc.).  Every single one of us at the screening had this problem according to the screen-er and it can cost us 1/2 beat in rhythm which means we can get off and get lost during a routine.  Don't want that.

3. Really push myself hard when I work out.  My legs are SCREAMING from my last work out because of this.  that is a good thing!

Nothing like a little incentive like someone waiting on you to get certified as an instructor for motivation! 

I also have a goal of working out 4x per week in February (barring acts of God). If I make that goal, I get to order myself another cute Jazzercise top.

How are you doing with your healthy habits goals this week?  Care to share?


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