Goals Update - Week of January 23, 2011 Review

With how our weekend went, last week seems like it was a LONG time ago.  I feel like I've lived three lives (at least!) since last week.

What did I accomplish last week?
* Finalized everything I needed for classes this week.
* Slept a LOT (to get rid of a bad head cold)
* Attended 2 meetings
* Cleaned out another bookcase - of work/school stuff this time! I think that stuff multiplies on it's own.
* Filled out enrollment forms for my kids for school for next year
* Worked out twice
* Did a movement screening for becoming a Jazzercise instructor (more on that later!)
* Read a whole entire book - for pleasure!
* Deep cleaned my bathroom
* Found Buddy's glasses - he had lost them for about a week

I figured that was pretty good for having a terrible head cold, John having a sinus infection and the kids still getting over their head colds! 

I also realized this last month that I had expectations that were more than just a bit too high as to what I could get done in a day.  I've streamlined my goals for February to make them fit better with my daily schedules.  I've been trying that out this week so far and I've seen a lot of progress!  I have actually been able to knock a couple of partial-projects off the to-do roster and I've caught up a couple of household chores that I had been behind on.  I'm actually a bit ahead on my teaching/class stuff, which is also good - and so helpful when life erupts into chaos.

God willing, I'll be accomplishing more and be less rushed over the next few months.  I'll be sure to keep you posted! 

How did you do this week?  I'd love to hear!


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