Work Home and Family - How Loudly Can You Say UGH?!

** I actually wrote this on Wednesday, September 8, and then saved it instead of posting it!  Ugh. So, here it is! Enjoy! **

Can I officially tear my hair out now?  Or scream?  Or cry?

I thought all the bumpy stuff with my dissertation was over. 

Oh no.

I was told today that we're just going to wait to get some things 'pushed through' the system.  Which means my graduation is being pushed back YET AGAIN to AUGUST 2011 (from May 2011). 

I am really, really erked.  Did I say erked?  Yep, erked.

And I found out that I need to have some kind of a pin code/access number to get into my records for my new job. 

And I need that to get my parking permit.

I've been running in circles trying to get things in place so I can actually be ready for teaching class today. And so that I can actually get something more done on this darn dissertation before the end of this semester.
And so that I don't strangle anyone in the process.  :)


At least I can now say this:
I have a parking permit (never mind that it's at the Parking Services Office - they promised to not give me a ticket since I'm registered in their system).
I have my ducks in a row to teach my first two classes (and hope to have more by the end of the day).
I have access to my records.

And I managed to not strangle the ding-a-ling who misspelled both my first and last name on my new faculty ID, not once, but twice.

And I managed to not strangle my dissertation advisor ... or my office partner who always wants to talk about nothing when I had to get something done and he wouldn't go away.

Bumps happen.
Life happens.

God is bigger than all of that.

And  I am so grateful.

I could never do this on my own!

What more can I ask for?


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