Goals - Going AWOL but Making Progress

Well, as I said in our menu post, things were absolutely crazy this past week!  The kids brought home colds the tail end of last week.  Then hubby got the flu - and Buddy too.  Then Missy caught the cold. Then I caught the cold which turned into a sinus infection.  Yee haw!  That means no blogging and very little else besides the absolute musts on the list.

Life happens and not much you can do about it except survive sometimes. (And thank God for antibiotics for sinus infections!) :)

It's been a crazy week in other ways too. 

Figuring out exactly how this insane schedule of mine is going to work out has been a challenge.
Having a student with particular difficulties that is going to take more of my time as a teacher has been a challenge. 
Finding out that I have problems with my academic transcript at school has been a challenge. 
Not to mention finding out that I have to re-do several things that I though were completely off my plate simply because I changed a committee member (which apparently put them back on my plate) added yet another challenge.

All that is enough to make me want to tear my hair out.  And that means I have to focus on what is working, not what isn't.

What has been working?

Conference abstract submitted for a side project I'm working on with our research group's post-doc - and accepted. (He's attending the conference, I'm not.)

All of my preliminary data stuff for my dissertation is completely done - and does not need to be repeated. Whoo hoo.

I finally got the living room cleaned  out (nothing like 'important' company to make that happen!). And now it only takes 5 minutes to set it to rights.  Love that!

Kindergarten is going extremely well.

Sunday School is going extremely well.

John's new Bible Study is going extremely well.

The freezer cooking is finally done!  (Look for a post on that later this week.)

My students' first test went well overall.

We had a really nice visit with John's supervisors for his seminary internship (the 'important' company mentioned above).

We all managed to not get really sick until 24-48 hours after the company came. (Whew!)

I managed to get to sleep by 10pm every night last week!  That means I got roughly 8 1/2 hours of sleep each night last week.  Can you believe that? (I usually average about 7 hours per night.)

And, I actually started the week prepared - not completely, but my schedule is organized, my lecture notes for today were done before I went to bed last night, not at noon this morning, and my grading was done and ready to  go too.  I like all of that!

I still have a LOT to work on - I feel like my teaching job is pretty well organized at this point and that means I still have to fit everything in around it or juggle it or something like that.  Since figuring out that I just need to do and not fret, life has become a whole lot easier.  Oh, I still have a ton to do and most likely more than I really should be doing in any 24 hour time span (sigh) , but at least I'm not adding heaping tomorrow's troubles on top of it too.

How are you goals coming along? Making progress? Care to share?


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