Freezer Cooking Update #1

It's officially Wednesday and that means I am halfway through my week of "Freezer Cooking."

Have a I made progress? Yep, at least some!  Not quite what I had planned, but I have made progress, so that's a good thing.

So...What's gotten done?

My mixes: 2 cornbread, 4 baking powder biscuits, and 4 oatmeal muffins.

Stir Fry Packets: 3 Pork

Tomato Sauce (cooking as we speak in my crock pot at home).

1 gallon Turkey Stock (my 'chicken' carcass was actually a turkey!)

1 gallon Ham Stock

What still needs to be done?

chicken stir fry packets
pork stir fry packets
shrimp stir fry packets
16 bean soup (which will use part of the ham stock)
pancake mixes
oatmeal m&m cookies
grilled and diced chicken

The stir fry packets are on the agenda for tonight after I get home.  The bean soup will be made for dinner tomorrow night, and the chicken on Friday night.  I have the pizzas and calzones on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon and the granola and cookies will get fit in where I have time.

The final game plan is to have everything done by Saturday night and I still think that's very do-able.

How's your freezer cooking coming?  Check out Money Saving Mom to share.


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