Life Happens

So I had all these fabulous posts planned - and some even half-written - about making memories rather than buying things and how to do a couple of things and a couple of projects I'd started on.

We were out of town from Saturday evening until Tuesday night (and had a wonderful time, I might add!) and then I spent Wednesday and yesterday trying to frantically do a couple of things for school so that I can meet the next deadline.

Fortunately, I got those school things done.

Why? Because yesterday evening I walked smack into the runner for our very large, very old, very heavy, wooden rocking chair in our living room.

And broke my toe and sprained a good chunk of my right foot.

Don't ask me how. It makes no sense to me because I was just walking.

So now I'm stuck at home, unable to drive my car, walk any distance or climb stairs for about a week. UGH.

Well, life happens.

And I did want some time to do some concentrated reading for school.
And go through a bunch of old papers that I had in the filing cabinet.
And read with my kids this weekend.

Since I can't do the other things I had planned to do this weekend, I guess I have that time to do those.

So I'll sit here with my foot propped up on pillows with ice on it, read my book and try to not be so frustrated with my life in general.

And be very grateful that my children are 5 years old and can basically take care of themselves. And that I don't absolutely have to do anything in particular this weekend.

What more can I ask for?


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