Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Healthy Habits in 2010 - The "Uff Da" Edition

For those of you non-Midwestern, non-Scandinavians out there my favorite 'definition' of "Uff da" is this: Losing your gum in the chicken yard.   If that's a bit too obscure, it's akin to Charlie Browns' "Good Grief!"

I had hope this week I'd be able to write and tell you how well I'm doing with my 'alternative' exercise routine and how I had effectively cut back on portions and all that jazz.

No can do.

I have one a whole whopping 3 days worth of my 'exercises' but I haven't checked into swimming at one place yet (the other only has open swim from 630-8am - yikes! - and that doesn't fit into my schedule in any way), began walking regularly (much less with my pedometer) or decided what my 'official' plan is going to be.

I have also attended outside events or eaten out 4 times in the last week which meant I was eating things I don't normally eat and that means I had extra calories in my diet.

Additionally, I really overdid the walking and standing this weekend.  We attended a parade and had to walk a fair distance from our car and then we stood on uneven ground for almost 3 hours watching the parade. In addition to that, I spent 2 hours standing while skinning and slicing beets and snapping beans for blanching.  And, since my foot wasn't hurting much, I did a bunch of yard work and ran a number of errands.  Driving in particular puts pressure on the base of my toe - near the break itself - and makes my whole leg hurt after even just a short distance.  So today the toe is complaining - what on earth was I thinking!

I guess the good news is that I have cut back on my snacking a fair amount.  I also went through my magazine clipping file and pulled out the 'snacks under 100 calorie' articles I have and I'm slowing revamping the snacks I do eat to get the biggest bang for my calorie buck, so to speak. I'm hoping that counteracts the junk food I ate last week and the picnic and church dinner I have this week yet! :)

I guess the best news is that tomorrow is always a new day and I can start fresh with all of these things. 

Isn't that the best part? 

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