Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Healthy Habits in 2010 - Those Pesky Snacks (AKA Stress Eating!)

Ahh, yes. Cookies. Peanut Butter ones here in the picture. And for some reason, soooo much better than usual. Not sure what I did, but they are darn yummy! And this was the second batch I had made. And we made a batch of oatmeal (my all time favorite!) too.

Uff da!

Yep, I've been stress eating. For the last month and half - starting right before the onslaught of food for the kids' birthday (and the 4 dozen cupcakes that made their way through our house!). And the leftover party food (pulled pork, potato salad, lots of fruit and veggies). And the rhubarb came in so my mom made jam. And I made crisp. And then for date night this week I made a blackberry cream pie!

Oh my, oh my.

Couple all of that with everything that has been going on and the stress eating has gotten seriously out of control. It almost makes me wish that I was one of those people who can't eat when they're nervous. Almost.

I love my food. And I love treats - cookies, cake, chips, candy, crackers, etc. The more the better. Last week when I came home the day I found out I wouldn't graduate in December I told John I wanted to eat a whole bag of potato chips for dinner. Just a bag of potato chips. Nothing else.

Did I mean it? Not really. I mean, I don't even like potato chips really. I like tortilla chips and veggie chips but not potato chips.

I just was more a statement of my need for comfort eating at the moment.

And it made me realize that the backsliding in my weight/size that I'd been blaming on not working out enough, was probably more due to what I'd been eating rather than real back sliding in the exercise department. I have been eating more. Way more. And certainly more than I need.

Then I realized this weekend that I was snacking on Mini-Wheats because I was needing something to do and really didn't want to work on the couple of obvious projects I had hanging around. We as humans really don't need that much fuel. And we tend to eat way more calories than we need. I know I do.

So, this week, it's back to watching my portion size and monitoring my eating for emotional eating.

How are you doing with your healthy habits goals? Care to share?

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