Thankful for Prayer

I'm having surgery on Tuesday next week. It's necessary and even encouraged by my doctor (I'm out of other options at this point) but scarey none-the-less.

I had choir rehearsal at church last night and was overwhelmed by the power of prayer. In our prayer circle I confided to the group what has been happening these last two years and why I need the surgery and then asked for prayers for the surgery on Tuesday itself.

I guess I'm a better actress than I thought or perhaps I just learned, as two dear friends and a family member who live with a chronic illness have said, to live, rather than suffer. Anyway, most people didn't even know I had been ill and said they would certainly be praying for my surgery and recovery. I'm overwhelmed.

We sang "Thy Will Be Done" by Joyce Elaine Eilers last night. Very fitting as I've been trying so hard to leave all of this in God's hands over the last two years and with my cousin's death in August, have been finally able to do that.

Whatever the outcome of the surgery, I know that God is control and he's right there beside me.


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