Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Savings Saturday - The $50/2 weeks Version (Sort Of)

Normally we run errands on Saturday. However, since we have a fundraiser tomorrow, we ran them tonight. Target, Sam's Club and a local grocery store chain (Rainbow Foods) were our three destinations. The "Sort of" comes in that we bought a bunch of stuff for preschool snack that isn't in our regular grocery budget - it comes from the 'school savings' fund that we have.

So here's what we got (sorry, no pics - my camera is being a pain!):

Sam's Club: Total: $18.62 (groceries); $$35.94 (school savings)

  • 2 86 oz Apple Juice (for us) ($4.18)

  • Vanilla 16 oz (for us) ($6.88) (this will last us about 8 months)

  • 2 Gallons of Milk (for us) ($1.79 each x 2 = $3.58)

  • 80 100% Juice Boxes (for Preschool) ($9.98/40 x 2 = $19.96)

  • 36 cups of applesauce (20 for Preschool, 16 for us) ($8.76)

  • 48 String Cheese (40 for Preschool, 8 for us) ($7.22)

  • 40 Flour Tortilla (for us) ($3.98)

Rainbow: Total: $20.05

  • 24 rolls of Toilet Paper ($5.32)

  • 250 Paper Napkins ($1)

  • 1 can kernal corn ($0.48)

  • 3lbs bananas ($1.47)

  • 8pk disposable rasors ($0.50)

  • 1 block cheddar cheese ($1.99)

  • 1 bag shredded cheddar cheese ($1.99)

  • 2 packets taco seasoning ($0.90)

  • 1 carton vanilla ice cream ($1.99)

  • 2 bottles men's body wash ($1.38 x 2 = $2.76)

  • Plus tax on the non-food items

Target: total $3

  • 2 boxes Apple-cinnamon Nutri-grain cereal bars ($1.50 each x 2 = $3)

Since I budget $50 for every two weeks, that leaves me with $8.33 for 2 trips to the farmer's market, a bag of baby carrots for the last part of the snack contributions and anything else that we need over the next two weeks. This week was particularly frustrating since we ran out of toilet paper, body wash, everything to drink but water, and a host of pantry items all at once. Most of the pantry items I didn't get a chance to replace this week, since the Nutri-grain bars are a favorite of Buddy's on sale WAY cheap (usually over $4/box full price), John needed body wash, we were totally out of vanilla and TP is a definate necessity! I'm hoping to catch up on a few things as sales happen more since I'm currently well-stocked on toiletries again (body wash seems to be our most costly item).

The good news? Since I have surgery on Tuesday, I'm guessing 2 gallons of milk, the bag of baby carrots for preschool and a few potatoes at the Farmer's Market are all we'll actually get the chance to get over the next two weeks. We have plenty of food and my folks are here to help with the kids and take care of me while I recover and will most likely pick up a few things. We still have a boat load of apples and grapes - I have applesauce cooking in the crockpot right now and my house smells heavenly! So, we're good for fruit for a while.

Don't worry, we're not just eating ice cream and cheese sprinkled with taco seasoning and apples and grapes over the next week or so. I'll post our menu for this next week on Monday!

For more shopping inspiration, check out Money Saving Mom, who hosts Super Savings Saturday!

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