More (BIG! HUGE!) Blessings!

I got a huge surprise in my email in-box late last night.

I am a class coordinator for an aerobics class. We rent space from a dance studio and have class 10x a week there. I'm responsible for seting up and taking down our stuff and checking poeple in two days a week. In exchange for this service, I recieved a discount on my membership.

Honestly, I didn't do it for the discount. I love, love, LOVE the workout. But...I have a habit of talking myself out of going a million ways. So, I signed up to be a coordinator to guarantee I will go at least twice a week. I have a chronic medical condition related to blood flow that is controlled through regular exercise (get that blood flowing, you know!), so exercise is essential. Everything is just better if I go. So, that was my way of making sure I go regularly.

Yesterday, I had sent the owner of the aerobics classes an update and a note about the new coordinator I had trained that morning (who did a fabulous job, I might add!) and just telling her that I so much enjoy being part of the whole thing.

The response I received blew me away! I have been working alone for almost 8 months now. Usually they have us in pairs, but no one has been available on the mornings I work. There is a gentleman who has helped me occasionally but nothing official. The owner expressed how much she appreciated this, that I worked hard, she always knew she could trust and count on me and she wanted to reward me for this.

She's giving me FREE aerobics. Just completely cutting out my membership dues and giving me all the perks.

I literally started crying.

My husband's pay check this time around is less than our budgeted amount due to some unexpected days off due to a product shortage, I have surgery coming up next week and $1000 in tuition due the following week. My son out grew his last pair of shoes literally overnight and crys when I try to put him in the pair he has. Our grocery/toiletry list is as long as my arm (literally) and I have $25 to spend, and that includes snacks for preschool for 60 that need to store bought and peanut free and drinks that need to be 100% fruit juice.

Yes, it's only less than $20 a month that I'll be gaining, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

That's a pair of shoes. And a winter coat. And hats and mittens. Or snacks and drinks for preschool. That's a birthday gift for my newphew. Something nice for my Mom for her birthday. Most likely, it will go to the shoes, coats, hats and mittens and not snacks or the presents. But it's nice to dream.

More than that, it reminded me that doing the right thing, being responsible, and enjoying myself while taking care of myself and serving others is important. I can't put a price on being trusted by others. Or by knowing that someone hasn't worked that terribly hard to find someone to work with me because they "trust" me and "know you can handle it". That blows me away almost as much as getting the fees waved completely.

Thank you Renee! You have NO idea how much you have blessed me with this.


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