Menu Plan Monday - Week of January 20, 2019

It is definitely winter here, even with minimal snow on the ground.  It was -4F (-20C) Sunday morning when we left the house to attend worship.  Brrrr…  It was a day for wool clothing, warm drinks and a hot lunch and dinner. 

We spent another $40 on groceries this week. We bought mostly produce and dairy but there were a couple of really good meat deals, so we picked those up too. 

Here is what we are eating this week:

Sunday, January 20:
   Breakfast: Toast and Smoothies
   Lunch: Cinnamon Biscuits and Eggs
   Snack: Yogurt, Lemon Cookies
   Dinner: Sausage and Cabbage with Noodles

Monday, January 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
   Breakfast: French Toast, Oranges
   Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Cut Veggies
   Snack: Lemon Cookies
   Dinner: Fried Fish, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus

Tuesday, January 22:
   Breakfast: Oatmeal with Walnuts and Raisins
   Lunch: Salad with Leftover Fish and Mandarin Oranges
   Snack: Lemon Cookies
   Dinner: Swedish Pancakes, Danish Sausage, Li…

Frugal Friday - Weeks 2 and 3 of 2019

I feel like time is just zipping by exceptionally fast this January and I am having a very hard time realizing that January is already halfway over!  I had grand plans for my time before school started up again but I realized that I needed a real break more.  So that is what I did.  And the rest was so blissful!  I read two new-to-me books and started a third.  I took a nap or two (or ten).  I also spent a lot of time planning for the things that we both hope to do and need to do this year of 2019.  I hoping that those plans come to fruition and I can share them with you at a later date.

We are watching our pennies this January - maybe more than usual, as we have had several things we need to pay for in 2019 that rise above and beyond our typical expenses.  Some are things we have put off for a time while John was in seminary/internship/residency, some are medical bills, and some just come with owning an older home and having a teenage children in the home! Either way, some really co…

Menu Plan Monday - Week of January 14, 209

Halfway through the month already and we are busy this week!  Basketball tournaments at school and back to work for me.  John has confirmation programming starting back up and we are gearing up for dance competition season and a few family events.  It seems like 2019 has started with a bang this year! 

I went to the grocery store between things on Saturday and bought $41 worth of groceries - a gallon of milk, bananas, frozen berries, a jar of peanut butter and veggies.  That was it.  I had hoped to spend a bit less but we were out of carrots, spinach and onions, all of which we eat regularly, and I purchased one pound of wild rice from the bulk food section, which is the cheapest way to purchase it, but that is a fairly high cost item.  I also skipped purchasing a couple of items because I simply did not want to spend that much on that item. It seems as if prices went up on several things -  hopefully the price will come down soon. We have plenty of meat in the freezer, as well as o…

Menu Plan Monday - Week of January 6, 2019

Our first full week of 2019 this week and it includes a lot of activities already!  How did that happen?  Nothing like jumping in full swing.  Honestly, I am grateful that the children are enjoying school and their activities so much, even if it makes it a little crazy at times. 

We inventoried the  freezers and the pantry and put together the menus for the months of January and February from mainly what we have.  We still have squash from the garden that needs to be eaten and a fair amount of frozen produce as well.  We managed to stock up on a couple of types of meat this fall with Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, so that will be the meat we are eating currently. 

We have several events that we will be either stopping quick at home to eat, or eating in the car between events.  I dislike those nights, but sometimes the schedule dictates that we need to plan ahead and eat in the car.  So we will pack things that can stay warm in a thermos or don't require heating.

Here's w…

Frugal Friday - The Beginning of 2019

I feel like 2019 snuck up on me.  For whatever reason, the arrangement of the holidays this year has left me feeling like they simply flew by.  Either way, we are now into 2019 and I am grateful for a few days to think and plan before the classes start again.

We rang in 2019 at home, playing board games, eating appetizers, drinking sparkling juice and watching the New Year celebrations on the television.  We had a very enjoyable evening. 

This past week, John and I spent time going through our budget for this year.  We have several large purchases we need to make and we have some medical bills that still need to be paid off.  I am very tired of pinching my pennies but it is necessary for a while again. I think we have a good plan in place and I am hoping we will make some progress this year. 

Here are some things we did this week that will help make those financial goals happen:

* We made buttermilk coffee cake, two types of scones, bread, pizza, chili, cornbread, and several appet…

And just like that...

...2018 is done! Wishing you all a wonderful and safe New Year's and a blessed 2019! I'll be back later this week with the first Frugal Friday post of 2019. Peace and Blessings, Lea

Frugal "Friday" - First Week of December

A no-photo edition!

We had a very, very busy week and not much down time at all.  I am so grateful that the bulk of our weekend could be spent at home, except for a birthday party for a friend's 3-year-old and a Worship at church.  We are in the final stretch for the semester for both me and the children and we are expecting company starting this week.  I am hopeful that we can have a restful and enjoyable holiday! 

Here are some things that we did this week that might count as frugal:

* We made two types of soup, stuffed acorn squash and pizza at home this week.

* A friend sent home a large jar of soup for our family with my husband.  We used it for dinner the night we received it, rather than using what we had on the menu.  It was delicious!  I will move the planned menu item to this week instead or use it at a later date.

* I was able to take a meal to a friend that had a new baby this week using items I already had in my pantry.  That was thoroughly enjoyable, as we had a goo…