Work Home and Family: Homemade Gifts Part 15

I'm woefully behind on posting homemade gifts, though I'm still hoping to hit 52 by the end of the year - one gift for each week.  I'm hoping to get caught up on posting in general once summer session ends here very, very soon! (I may just be a wee bit excited about summer session ending.  I have a great group of students but, man, it's been intense!). 

The school year for the children ended the first week in June and we needed gifts for their primary teachers, two women and one man.  All have a green thumb so I borrowed an idea that I saw many variations of on Pinterest and ended up with a very inexpensive gift that will hopefully be helpful.  I'm not entirely sure this counts as a "homemade" gift but it worked anyway and cost very little.

Gift #15: Herb Plants and Garden Gloves

About two weeks before school let out for the summer, my Dad came home from the local hardware store with a whole stack of garden gloves - some for us and some to take with him when they returned home after their visit.  They were on sale for $1 a pair!  So I decided that would make a good teacher gift. 
Borrowing from the ideas I saw on Pinterest, (here's one version that has super cute printables too!) I bought three herb plants at the same hardware store and three pair of the bargain garden gloves.  The children wrote notecards that we then attached to popsicle sticks from our craft stash that read "Mr./Mrs. __________________,  Thanks for helping me grow through 5th grade!" and then signed them.  We wrapped the pots in plastic and patterned tissue and then tied the gloves on with curling ribbon. 

Total cost for 3 gifts: $7.50 or $2.50each

You could reduce the cost of these by using only the plants and starting them from seed or cuttings in your own garden.  You also used a flowering plant rather than herbs.  Other variations included painting the "Thanks for helping me grow" on a terracotta pot rather than printing on a paper or including a gift card to a store of your choice.  The variations of these are just about endless!

Being in middle school, they have many teachers other teachers - study hall, music theory/choir, band, and their before/after care person too.  All of those people received hand written thank you notes rather than a gift this year. 


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