June Goals 2016

Our beautiful clematis - taken by my Dad on his Smartphone!  We have three in our yard in varying shades of purple.
Totally random day for this post but I decided since I didn't keep you posted very well on my goals for May and it's now June, I'd just start with June since today is still at the beginning of June!

Here's the goals I have for June:

1.  Keep up with all the work needed for teaching my summer class.  This is a LOT of work and I need to be really intentional about it or I'll fall really behind.

2. Attend at least 15 Jazzercise classes this month.  I need to push myself a bit.

3. Learn 18 new Jazzercise routines.  I got behind in May so now I need to catch up!

4. Weed at least one area of the gardens each week.  My Mom and I did a super job of cleaning these out initially in the spring so it *should* just be maintenance.  With the rain we've been having, it might be harder than that. We'll see. 

5. Pick any produce that is ready to be picked.  This month I'm expecting basil, lavender, lettuce, kale, strawberries, and maybe peppers, peas and beans.  I planted 12 bean seeds thinking they wouldn't all come up, but they all did.  I might be swimming in beans this year!

6. Defrost the freezer - we've been having problems with this freezer and we need to figure out what's happening before we fill it with all the delicious stuff from the garden.

7. Sew a skirt for me.  I have materials for several so I need to decide on one and do it!  Something new to wear would be a welcome change.

8.  Mend 8 items in the mending pile.  That thing is just growing on it's own!

9.  Do a huge paper purge with my husband's help.  We haven't gone through the filing cabinet in a few years and it definitely needs it!

10.  Make 5 gifts and start THE BIG PROJECT embroidery gift that I want to make as well.  No way will I get that done but I'd like to get it started at least. 

That's more than plenty!  What are you up to this month?


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