Frugal Friday - End of May, Beginning of June

Well, I *think* we're officially into summer here.  We're consistently warm - upper 70'sF - mid 80'sF - and the rain is mingled with brilliant sunshine.   My garden is flourishing with the rain - we've had SO much rain that everything is going gangbusters.  We have several peppers coming and the strawberries have lots of flowers.  We've had fresh flowers on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks now and it's just making me so very happy.

These last weeks have been so very busy - house guests, end of school activities, start of summer session at the University, garden planting and weeding, graduation parties, church activities, Memorial Day, and all the other things that come in May.  Things will slow down a bit here in June now and I'm looking forward to dinners on the patio and time spent in the garden. 

Here's what we've done this last week that were at least marginally frugal:

* Used hotel points to stay at a hotel when attending a family reunion over Memorial Day weekend.  We ate breakfast at the hotel each day (included in the price of the room) and swam in the pool. 

* Ate other meals over Memorial Day weekend with family - either "pot luck" style (everyone brings a dish - we brought cut veggies) or with the hosts providing the meal (a pizza party one night, tacos, sandwiches).  We packed meals/snacks for the car to and from the reunion.

* We drove the car rather than the minivan to the reunion because it has far better gas mileage. 

* Checked out several books from the library.  Returned a few we were done reading.

* Cut flowers from the yard for an anniversary gift and to brighten the office at work.

*  Cut off two pairs of pants to make shorts for our son.  The knees were wearing through and the legs were getting too short, so this was a good solution.

* Brought home some craft supplies that my mother-in-law was getting rid of and we can use.

* Made a large salad to take to work for lunch on the days we didn't have leftovers.

* Enjoyed a pizza party one night to celebrate an undefeated regular season for our daughter's softball team.  A team member's grandfather owns a local pizza parlor and hosted the party for the team. 

* I decided to sew myself a new skirt this month rather than buying a pair or two of Capri pants like I wanted. We really don't have the extra money right now and I have everything to make myself a skirt or two so I decided that was a better option. 

* Purchased 4 plants from the church plant sale to fill in the empty spots under the front tree.  We paid $8 and the money goes to the landscaping fund at the church.  Next year I will donate plants for the sale rather than buying some.  I think our landscaping is officially at the maintain point rather than adding things.  I'm really happy with it and I'm so grateful that I'm physically able to work in my garden and enjoy it!

* Worked on a graduation gift for our oldest niece.  I should have it done for her party in two weeks. 

* Made cornbread, chicken noodle soup, and smoothies at home this week.

I think that's it for this week.  Anything exciting and frugal happening for you this week?


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