Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Work, Home and Family: Homemade Gifts Part 6 and 7: Embroidery Kits

Many years ago when I was in college, I would go to a small run down shopping mall near where my Grandmother lived once or twice a year.  There was an amazing stitchery store in the mall that also included items to make silk flowers and a few other fabric related craft items.  I think it was probably the only reason the mall was still open - that store was packed with people every single time I went in there.  My Grandmother told me she only went in when she was with someone because she was afraid she would get smooshed into a corner!  She did lovely crochet and they had beautiful crochet yarn in this store.  She only purchased when she had a special project to do - baptismal gowns, wedding gifts and the like.  She didn't need to go to that store very often, but she was always happen to go with me - especially when I was the one driving and paying!

Consistently they had two sale bins filled with items - embroidery patterns, odd-sized scraps of linen and Aida cloth, embroidery kits, mis-died flower petals and crochet yarn. Since they were so inexpensive ($1 or $2 for a full kit on clearance - patterns were less!), I ended up with enough projects to last me until I'm at least 200 years old!  ** Wicked grin **

The first embroidery kit project in this post came from that stash.   I have quite a few others that I'll show as the year goes on. 


This is the front and back of a Bible Cover that I made for my daughter for Easter - it's the perfect size for her school Bible and since we have Holy Week off this year, I'll sew it around her Bible when that week comes.  There is plenty of fabric to make it so it can be slipped off and washed.  Excuse the wrinkles in the photo - I haven't pressed it yet. I'll do that when I sew it into the actual cover.  And don't worry, I'll post a photo of it on the Bible once it's done!


This pillow case kit I found in the clearance bin at JoAnn Etc. when my children were toddlers, along with quite a few others.  They were on clearance for about $2.50 each and I decided to get a few to make for Christmas presents.  This one ended up in my son's stocking this year - and he was quite pleased (he loves Eyore!).
My cost:  Originally $1-$2.50 on sale.  I've had them for a while, so I was able to make them without spending anything out of pocket this year.

Your cost:  Kits full price at the craft or fabric store are expensive!  Clearance bins and sale racks help reduce that cost but I have found that second hand stores and garage sales have an enormous amount of these types of projects.  Some are half-completed but many are brand new in the original packaging and unopened or opened once and then put back in the package.  The most expensive I've seen these is $2. 

What have you made lately?

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