Frugal Friday - It's starting to look like spring out there!

The snow is starting to melt and we're starting to warm up - we've been above freezing most of the week!   We had one day where huge, fat, fluffy snow flakes and then rain but otherwise it has been really very nice.  I quit wearing my boots to work - I wasn't quite as brave as my colleague that wore sandals one day, though!
I keep feeling like we haven't been very frugal.  I am starting to wonder if it's just that we aren't doing anything 'extra' in terms of frugality lately.  Who knows?  I think we all go through times when we feel like we are not being as frugal as we possibly can.   I'm still trying to find that perfect balance between frugality, physical energy and time.  Since I have days when even the basics are physically hard, that's been a very difficult balance to find.

Here are some of the "frugal" things we did this last week:

* Made homemade pizza, corn-potato chowder, biscuits, and muffins this week.

* Rearranged my daughter's room, moving some things out of her room and moving in a small shelf that we had elsewhere.  Grandma and Grandpa bought her a beanbag chair for Christmas and now she had plenty of room to actually use it and enjoy it.

* Froze some leftovers that we weren't going to eat so we can use them later.

* Went through all the items that didn't belong in the living room and moved them all elsewhere, recycled them or added them to the donate pile.  I'm so glad to have that chore done!  And it looks like we had a complete makeover - without spending anything! 

* Brought home a partial bag of hamburger buns after Lenten dinner at church this week.

* Returned library books.  Checked out several others.

* Watched a couple of movies and TV shows online for free.

* My husband received a beautiful homemade candle from a parishioner as a gift. 

* We took down the outdoor Christmas decorations down and packed them away for next year.  They look like they're still in good condition.

* I went through the box of greeting cards that we have and discovered we have enough Easter cards that we don't have to buy any this year! YAY!

Frugal Flop:

* I tried to salvage the rock candy we tried to make for my son's Valentine's gift to his classmates. It didn't work. I feel pretty stupid that we wasted the sugar we did on that.  Live and learn I guess.

* I didn't have any time this week to work on gifts.  So now I'm behind on that - I'm hoping I can get caught up before we get to the point of having to buy some!

I think that's it for this week.  How about you? 


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