Menu Plan Monday - Week of March 15, 2015

Breakfast one morning - scrambled eggs, pan fried diced sweet potatoes, and spinach in a tortilla. Tasty and filling!
I've been trying to take photos of our meals more again.  We tend to be pretty boring and repetitive with what we eat, so sometimes it seems fruitless but we've added a few new things in the mix so we'll give it a shot! 

Here's what we're eating this week:

Sunday, March 15, 2015:
    Breakfast: Cereal
    Lunch; Waffles from the Freezer, Plums
    Snack: Crackers
    Dinner: Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits, Bacon and Strawberry-Melon-Grape Salad

Monday, March 16, 2015:
    Breakfast: Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothies
    Lunch: Salad with Leftover Chicken
    Snack: Girl Scout Cookies (the children bought a box after church on Sunday)
    Dinner: Vegetable Stir Fry, Rice, Apple-Grape-Strawberry Salad

Tuesday, March 17, 2015:
     Breakfast: Oatmeal with Almonds and Craisins
     Lunch: Leftover Stir Fry
     Snack: Yogurt
     Dinner: Beef Stew (made with venison), Irish Soda Bread, Apple-Melon-Mandarin Orange Salad

Wednesday, March 18, 2015:
     Breakfast: Oatmeal Muffins with Melon Slices
     Lunch: Leftover Stew and Bread
     Snack; Yogurt
     Dinner: At Church for Lenten Dinner before Worship

Thursday, March 19, 2015
     Breakfast: Chai Spiced Oatmeal with Almonds
     Lunch: Leftover Stew with Crackers
     Snack: Yogurt
     Dinner: PB&J, Cut Veggies, Apple Slices

Friday, March 20, 2015:
      Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Toast
      Lunch: PB&J, Cut Veggies
      Snack: Yogurt
      Dinner: Taco Salad: Salad Greens, Tortilla Chips, Refried Beans and Salsa

Saturday, March 21, 2015:
      Breakfast: Blueberry Boy Bait (didn't get this made last weekend so we'll try it this weekend)
      Lunch: Soup from the Freezer, Crackers
      Snack: Popcorn
      Dinner: At a fundraiser for Mom and Dad; Macaroni and Cheese with Fruit for the children.

Our freezer is heading toward bare - and I'm pretty happy about it, though it means I may have to buy more veggies than usual in the next week or two.  We'll see! 

What are you eating this week?


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