Friday, March 27, 2015

Frugal Friday

Wow - what a week.

I think my brain shut down on Monday and never woke back up.  I've been pushing for so long that I think I just hit the wall. Having both a nasty virus and then bronchitis earlier this spring I'm sure didn't help.

Either way - the week is done and we have a blessedly quiet weekend before the busy-ness of Holy Week takes over.  John and I both did a happy dance when we realized that we have nowhere to be tonight (Friday) or the whole day Saturday either.  We're hoping to run out and get groceries tonight so we don't have to go anywhere at all tomorrow (perhaps even indulging in a full-fledged pajama day! Whoot!).

My frugal list of things this week is short because I didn't have time for much else, but here's the highlights anyway:

* Made homemade biscuits, potato soup, cornbread and waffles (both to eat and for the freezer). 

* Accepted a bag of hand-me-down clothes for my son including three pairs of jeans, two pairs of cargo pants, a pair of gray dress pants, a white button down shirt, another button down shirt and a pair of pajama pants.  A friend was cleaning out and offered them - yay!

* I accepted free muffins, doughnuts, and lunch at work this week.  John had lunch provided by the church one day and a parishioner invited him to join lunch at the nursing home he was visiting one day as well. 

* John's cousin brought back pizza from Iowa for him.  We heated it up and date it - and it was delicious!

* My deal of the week: I stopped by Goodwill just to look.  I never do this, but the square, brightly colored plates we had really wanted to transition too as our white plates were diminishing just were not working for us.  I had seen some of our white plates a long time ago (3 years now!) at a different Goodwill and I'd been kicking myself for not getting them ever since.  So I look at the plates, and this store had 7 of our plates for $1.49 each!  They're name brand stoneware (I think $15 per plate when we originally got them) so this was a steal!  Even better, since it was the weekend, green tags were half off so I got 7 plates for a whopping $5.22!   We were thrilled! I also resisted the urge to buy anything else while I was there, since I really didn't need anything else. 

*  Last Saturday we attended a fundraiser for our children's school that included a silent auction.  We only bid on two things and won both and both were a huge deal compared to what we got!  Maybe we're strange in our tastes?  Who knows!  We also got a basket of "tween" girl things - books, a pink sparkley swim towel, nail polish, etc. - that no-one bid on.  The coordinator asked if we would be interested in paying $5 for it so we said yes, since it included a book series our daughter loves (she's checked most of it out from the library) and she has a birthday coming up.  The books themselves are worth about $45 so that was a good buy and now we have birthday taken care of! 

I think that it's for "unusual" things this week.  We ate at home except the times mentioned above and bagged lunches to take to work as well. 

What have you been up to this week?

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