Goals - Week of February 2, 2014

It was a busy week last week in spite of having two days at home with the children and third where I worked from home due to a badly timed snowstorm that hit right at morning rush hour.  Classes are in full swing for all four of us and I'm happy to get back into something resembling a routine.  I've decided that I need more creative things in my life and also need that outlet to get a few things done that I've been "meaning to do" for quite a while.  Since the children are big enough to both help out and entertain themselves along with the combination of getting this house cleaned out and things completed, I'm hoping to add more things to my list that meet my "completed" word for the year and feed my soul creatively.

How did I do last week?  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Work: Be ready for class each day
Keep up with grading (I tend to do well for a while and then get really behind!)
Update grade book as needed
Check references from MS Thesis against Bib and recycle what isn't needed

Contact my advisor
Cross 5 things off my list (don't worry - they're little things)  I got 4 things done instead of 5.

Teach 2 classes
Attend 1 class

Learn 1 new routine
Complete some administrative things that need to be done

Swimming Lessons
Piano Lessons (part of the school day)
Dance Lessons
Family Night

Date Night  This was a sort-of - John got called into work just as we were finishing our dessert and before we could start the puzzle we had planned on working.

Ironing  I decided to shelve this until this week due to timing issues
Finish cleaning out the filing cabinet  We are almost done with this but didn't get it finished yet.
Finish (finally) Christmas Thank You Notes (2 to go!)
Bonus goal: 2 small sewing projects (only if everything else is done!) I did one of these as part of my adding creative projects to my week. Here's a photo of what I made:
Tablecloth with matching napkins - I've had the fabric for a long while and wanted to get this done so we had something "new" for our table.  The print fabric was actually part of a tablecloth I had made for a table we no longer have. I love the print and thought the purple would be something fun since we didn't have anything purple for the kitchen. 

Congregational Meeting
Pot Luck
One load of items for donation

Write to our Compassion Child  Didn't get to this at all. Sigh.

Get my hair cut (should have done this last week but ran out of time!)  Couldn't get an appointment until this next week.
Find a babysitter for an event John and I have in a couple of weeks
Photograph outfits for the dresses I own

How about for this week, the week of February 2?  I'm trying to keep focused and not do too much.  I'm hoping that as I cross things off my list as completed, my weekly lists will be shorter!  Here's what I have on the docket:

Be ready for Class each day
Continue being up to date with grading
Update class roster
Scan some papers that need to be scanned and then recycle originals

Meet with my advisor
Complete 2 things on my list

Teach 2 classes
Learn 2 new routines

Swimming Lessons
Piano Lessons
Children's Dentist Appointment
Dance Lessons
Family Night
Date Night
Fill out and turn in School Re-enrollment forms

Finish that Filing cabinet
And the ironing
Work on a lap quilt for my Aunt (more on this later) - I'd like to get this half done this week

Attend a Women's Ministry Event
Send a sympathy card to a friend whose wife passed on this last week
Send an email update to the prayer chain about two friends of ours
Write to our Compassion Child

Get that hair cut
Coffee with my best friend
Price black dress boots and purchase a pair if I can find some in my price range that meet my criteria

What are you up to this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to be inspired and share!


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