Super Savings Saturday - $43.17 for shopping this week!

Again, I don't have a photo this week - I had put all the groceries away and was putting the bags back into the cupboard and I realized I hadn't taken a photo!  Ugh.  Oh, well, we did go shopping anyway....

We actually didn't have to be anywhere today except for John who had his normal Saturday morning Bible study breakfast this morning, so he did the shopping today.  LOVE that man!  I'm enjoying a day where I don't have to run anywhere and some grocery deals too.

Here's what he got:

Store #1:
Old Orchard Apple Juice 64oz 1 @ $1.99 with store coupon
Store brand canned chili beans 1 @ $0.89
3lb Chub of 93% lean Ground Beef 1 @ $8.97
"Fresh" Whole White Mushrooms 1lb 1 @ $0.98 with store coupon (they're not canned in any case!)
Blackberries 6oz 2 @ 2/$5

Store #1 Total: $17.83

Store #2:
Store Brand Baking Powder 72oz 1 @ 1.99
Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 5lb 1 @ $1.98 with store coupon
16oz Gillette Men's Body Wash 3 @ $3 - $1 -$1 -$0.50 - $0.50 = $6 (or $2 each)
5lb Red Potatoes $1.99
5lb Navel Oranges $3.99
1 doz large eggs (store brand) $0.98 with store coupon
1 gallon store brand skim milk $2.50 with store coupon
16 oz heavy cream $3.99
Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz 1 @ $1.39

Store #2 Total: $25.34

Total between the two stores: $43.17
Total saved between the two stores (according to store receipts): $13.39
I'm pretty sure the actual savings is much more than this since the meat itself would be at least $1 per pound each.    We did go over our weekly "budget" by $3.17 but we had that left over from before so we're all good.  I purposefully carry over the leftover money each week so we can have weeks like this - we average out to $40 each week in any case!

The heavy cream is what pushed us over and originally it wasn't on the list - right along with the evaporated milk. I rarely (as in once a year) cook with cream I usually used evaporated milk instead - unless I'm going to whip it or something like that.   Well, my last can of evaporated milk was past its "Best Use" date enough that I didn't want to feed it to my children for breakfast this morning - I had found a new recipe for Irish Oatmeal with Maple Cream and decided to throw the menu out the window for breakfast today and try it.  It was wonderful and I definitely will be having it again!  One child liked it and the other didn't - about par for the course around here!  I had inventoried my pantry in January and was a bit irked that I'd missed the date on that can of evaporated milk.  Now I need to figure out if I should just pitch it or do something with it. Hrmmm......

I'm looking forward to trying a couple of new recipes this week.

Anyway, that's our shopping this about you?


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