Goals - Week of March 10, 2013

Well, this week started off on a not so good foot. 

I was woken up this morning by Buddy standing 3 inches in front of my face and shouting "MOM! It's raining in the basement! Come QUICK!"   

Darn it - he was right. 

It was raining in the basement. 
Courtesy of a shower curtain that hadn't been put all the way into the shower and water that rain into the hallway and then down through the floor.  

That was followed by forgetting my aerobic shoes and my microphone at home without time to get them before my Jazzercise class today - fortunately I was able to borrow a pair of shoes and there was another microphone I could use, though it wasn't the best quality.  

On the up side, I had shoes to work out in, my science class went swimmingly well and  my co-worker brought in the most delicious chocolate cupcakes and shared - so I had a really yummy desert after my class today.  John made our yummy salmon dinner and now I'm looking forward to a hot shower before bed!

Here's a recap of last week:

Keep up with my grading.
Prep for the next unit
Clean out part of my filing cabinet (it's still messy from the move in January - and whole section of my lecture notes decided to run away to someplace unexpected on me, so I need to find them soon!)

Review my proposal
Meet with my adviser
Complete 1 other item on my to-do list (this will depend on my schedule as to what gets done)

Teach class 4 times this week
Learn 3 new routines  I learned two this week.
File my paperwork

Children's Program and Lunch at Church on Sunday
Piano Lessons on Monday
Dance Lessons on Thursday
Birthday Party on Friday
Dance Lessons on Saturday
Play date for Missy on Saturday
At-home date for John and me on Saturday

Catch up the ironing (again)
Clean out at least 7 items to be donated, trashed or recycled from our home
Finish Lenten Wreath and Hang
Make Easter Banner (if I'm really ambitious, this will be fabric rather than paper!)

Lenten Worship and Meal on Wednesday
Continue Memorizing Romans
30 Minutes on Church Photo Albums (I have completed 2 of these in the last two weeks - have 2 more to go and then I can take them back to church - whoot!)
Pray daily for our home congregation - they're going through another transition right now.
Continue memorizing Luther's Morning and Evening Prayers (my Lenten Devotion this year).
Continue our Jesus Tree with the children

Polish the rest of my shoes
Soak my feet and use foot cream on them one time
Let Missy paint my toenails again (she did a great job last time and thinks its fun!)
Breakfast with my best friend on Saturday (we've been hoping to do this since last fall but haven't since one or the other of us has been ill the whole time - I'm so excited that we get to do this this week!)  This turned out to be coffee and desert on Saturday afternoon - wonderful!

I think I actually did really well this week - partly because I didn't put so much on my to-do list and we've been making a point of staying home in the evenings and on the weekend as much as possible.   Doesn't always work, but it does make a difference!

Here's what I'm up to this week:

* Prep next unit
* Grading
* Start reviewing texts for my class next semester (orders are due in a couple of weeks and I need to change my text for fall)
* Clean out that filing cabinet!!!

* Cross 2 things off my to-do list

* Teach 3 classes this week
* Attend 1 other class
* Learn 2 new routines

Family: (We have a light week this week - the kids have Spring Break!)
* Piano Lessons x2
* Trip to the Library
* Family Night -  Lesson on St. Patrick
* At home date night - puzzle, hot drinks
* Find shirt for the dance recital for Buddy (we have several to pick from and need to order one)

* Clean out at least 7 items
* Complete 2 tasks on our free home improvement list (I'll hopefully write more about this later this week - Lord willing of course!)
* Finish and hang Lenten Wreath (before Lent is over!)
* Make Easter Banner

* Lenten Worship and Meal on Wednesday
* Continue Memorizing Romans
* Continue Memorizing Luther's Morning and Evening Prayer
* Continue praying for our home congregation
* 30 minutes on the Church Photo Albums
* Continue with the Jesus Tree

* Get to bed on time or early every night this week
* Clean out my purse
* Clean out my backpack

What are you up to this week?  Go here to share and be inspired!


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