Super Savings Saturday - Back to "Normal" Budget

Wow -- I really didn't mean to take over a week off.  Where does that time go anyway?  Hopefully now that we're back into the swing of things, it won't happen too often in the future.  Just don't hold your breath, okay? :)

We just made it with our $50 pantry challenge in January - only by buying TP through Amazon with our Swagbucks gift cards. Sigh.  I also completely ran out of onions, couscous, and a few other things that we eat regularly.  We were able to buy onions in the tail end of our $50 budget (the $4 we had left last week) along with oranges with the blessing of some serious sales.  These things always make me realize how reliant I am on certain ingredients and how a little prior planning would just make sure I don't run out.  I always resolve to rearrange my shopping habits and hopefully this will be the year! Being intentional, remember?

This week we're back to $40 per week.  John did the shopping today since I was down and out with yet another medication reaction (ugh!).  He did a great job and we spent our $40 and restocked some things that we were missing or just plain wanted after a month (or more!) without.  No picture - things got put away before I could crawl out of bed and take a picture! 

My hope over the next few months is to permanently whittle our budget down from $160/month to $100/month.  I'd like it to be lower than that, but that's what I'm comfortable with right now with prices where they're at.  I'll keep you posted as to how that goes!

Store #1:
Hormel Pork Loin x 2 B1G1 = $9.99
Bulk Couscous 1.42lb @ $3.19/lb = $4.53
Roma Tomatoes 0.90lb @  $0.98/lb = $0.88
Kraft Shredded Mozzarella 2 @ 2/#4
Total Store #1: $19.40 (Total Saved: $9.99 according to store receipt)

Store #2:
Bananas 2.5lbs @ $0.59/lb = $1.48
Cantaloupe = $2.99
Baby Bella Mushrooms = $1.50
8lbs Naval Oranges = $4.99
Spring Mix Salad Greens = $2
Strawberries 1lb = $2
Blueberries 1pint = $2.50
1 Gallon Store Brand Skim Milk = $3.29 -$0.79 coupon =  $2.50
Total Store #2: $19.96 (Total Saved: $9.00 according to store receipt)

How did you do this week?


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