Monday, February 18, 2013

Goals - Week of February 17, 2013

We've had two sick kids here - Missy had a double ear infection one week and then Buddy had Influenza B.  Neither of them are quite all the way back to normal - sleeping a lot and crabby, crabby, crabby (which then makes this Mama crabby - but that's a whole different post! ;) ).  I guess the Influenza B can hang on for a really long time (the active period is 7-10 days and then I guess secondary effects can last longer than that).

I'm just hoping that we don't get any more sick and that John and I stay healthy.  We're trying to eat well, sleep enough and drink plenty of liquid toward that end.  I'm also not going to revisit my to-do list from a couple of weeks ago - what I didn't get done doesn't matter at this point and I just need to move forward.  My goals this week are basically that - to keep us moving forward and not overload ourselves so much that we all get run down and sick again.

So here's what I'm up to this week:

* Grade Tests
* Finalize next unit
* Update web page

* Meet with my adviser
* Finish a paper I'm writing with a colleague (almost done!)
* Write at least 2 pages on my dissertation

* Teach 4 classes this week
* Learn 5 new routines
* Download our new routine set

* Piano Lessons x2 Monday
* Dance Lessons x2 Thursday
* Dance Lessons x2 Saturday
* Daddy-Daughter Dance for John and Missy Thursday
* Date Out for Me and Buddy Thursday (he's paying with his own money!)
* At home mini-date with John
* Visit with my Cousin this weekend

* Catch up the Ironing Again
* Jesus Tree - finish this and continue with daily readings for this
* Sort bin of donations and drop off at Thrift Store
* Anything on my short-list that can get done (I have a short list of little things that I'd like to get done this week - like re-arranging the photos in the living room - that won't be a big deal if they don't get done).

* Write our Compassion Child
* Lenten Dinner and Worship on Wednesday
* Work on the Church Photo Albums

* Go to bed on time or early every night this week

What are you up to this week?  Care to share?  Visit Money Saving Mom for inspiration!

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