These are a Few of My Favorite Things - More Little Things

Singing with the church choir.

Lighting candles in memory of our loved ones gone home.

Hearing that a friend is now out of the hospital and into a rehab facility after a really, really, really long surgery road.

Finally getting my grading all caught up (loooong story!).

At home date night with my husband watching "Clue" on Netflix and eating bacon-horseradish dip with pretzels.

Getting some really, really good deals at the grocery store this weekend.

Having the kids so excited about playing outside in the good weather.

Getting rid of the futon that's been sitting in our garage for 6 months now!

Being able to park "my" car in the garage for the first time in 6 months. 

Seeing my best friend this morning.

My best friend being well enough to sing with the church choir today (she has terrible asthma).

Big hugs from my Buddy.

The smell of fall leaves.

Fall bonfires.

Hot tea, hot cocoa and hot coffee.

Getting an extra hour of sleep.

Getting to bed early 2 nights in a row!

The smell of a turkey in the oven tonight.

The kids starting Christmas Pageant practice at church today.

Already having all the money we need to travel to see my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

Little fingers practicing the piano.

What are some of your favorite things today?


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