These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Rest

For the last few years we've been in a season of being busy.  Sometimes way too busy.

Both John and I being in school.
The kids starting elementary school.
John working full time plus call.
I'm work a full time job and a part-time job.
Church commitments.
Owning a home.
Needing to handle day-to-day things.
Traveling with John's ministry (though this, thankfully, has been quite minimal and mostly local).
Family events in other states.
Me fighting two chronic illnesses continually.

I could go on.

It has left me weary.

This last week God hit me upside the head with the proverbial two by four and I have been having to take some time to rest. 

More than the usual time I take, that is.  Because, you see, lately I haven't been taking much time.

Rest is good.  Very good.

And so very necessary.

There's a reason that the Lord has keeping a Sabbath day holy in His laws for our lives.  Taking that time to rest, rejuvenate and maybe do some things that get pushed aside on the other days of the week (and I'm not talking about cleaning out the freezer!) is healing for both the body and the mind.  Using some of that extra time to spend with the Lord is healing for the soul.

Even if the physical rest is taken, spending that time is so very, very necessary and can heal you in ways you would never think possible.  In that time of rest the Lord has shown me that He really and truly does care for us and provides for us.  We had some good unexpected surprises this week that showed us just that.

Rest is good.
Resting in the Lord is even better.

What are some of your favorite things today?


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