These are a Few of My Favorite Things - The Little Things....

ICEEs - this one's from summer - but we also bought some to celebrate John's Endorsement! YUM!

My children loving and learning so much at their dance classes - started ballet this year too!

Playing board games with my family or just with my husband for a date night.  Our new favorite is "221B Baker Street".

Hot Vanilla for my chocolate disliking guys (yes, they're weird, but the hot vanilla is very good!) with cinnamon whipped cream.  Double YUM!

This little guy absolutely loving to wash the dishes and vacuum. Who'd have guessed?

This supper yummy tea!  YUUUUUMMMMM!

A friend sent me this photo of the pipe cleaner dinosaurs she made with her daughter.


My student's mid-term projects going very well - I'm so proud of them!

The lovely large bunch of "Indian Corn" that one of my husband's Endorsement Committee members gave us after the hearing.

Rain - finally!  And a whole day of it too! 

My husband being able to take some time off from work this week to spend with the kids and recover from the hearing.

Hot soup on a chilly night.

A "date" with my daughter spent coloring.  I love her color sense!

Having dinner every single night with my family.  After two years of both John and I working odd-ish hours, having all four of us home each evening is such a blessing!
Having our email in-boxes filled with happy emails celebrating John's endorsement this week. And the fantastic sermon he gave this last weekend.

Fresh home-baked bread.

Mini-pumpkins on my kitchen table.

Morning hugs from my sleepy kiddos.

We are so very blessed!  Truly these are just a few of my favorite things.


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