Goals - Week of October 21, 2012


Last week was quite the week.  The biggest thing was, of course, John's Candidacy Hearing on Tuesday. I had been gone for the weekend last weekend, getting home late in the day on Sunday, and there were several other things that happened last week, too, that were emotionally taxing and physically tiring.

By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were all totally exhausted.  I actually went to bed before my children did (and my children typically go to bed by 830pm) that night!  Can you believe that? Then I slept until my "regular" get up time on Thursday morning.  I think I need it because I went to bed at 930pm on Thursday too.   I'm feeling much better now and was ready to tackle a weekend where John was on a mini-mission trip/class thing the entire weekend (Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday). 

Since I didn't write up goals for last week, I'll just go straight to this week:

* Notes for next unit for both classes.
* Update class web pages.
* Get mid-term project photos from the department photographer.
* Submit mid-term grades to the registrar.

* Cross 4 things off my dissertation to-do list
* Continue cleaning out my desk and bookcase

* Teach 2 classes
* Attend a meeting
* Learn 3 new songs
* Put together 2 new sets
* Organize paperwork (again)

* Dance Lessons x 2
* Piano Lessons x 2
* Family Date Night (not sure what we're doing yet)
* The Children have a birthday party to go to
* At Home Date Night with John
* FPU & Accompanying homework

* Catch up that ironing (I swear it's taking over!)
* Finish getting the flower and vegetable beds ready for winter
* Tidy 1 area each day for five days

* Write Thank You notes from John's Candidacy Hearing
* Attend Choir Practice
* Decide what scripture I'm going to memorize next (I have it narrowed down to 3 - I need to decide already!)
* Update my prayer list
* Pray for guidance in 2 matters

* Polish my shoes
* Get to bed on time 5 nights this week

What are you doing this week?  Check out Money Saving Mom to share and be inspired.


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