Goals - Week of September 9, 2012

Is it just me or does the first week back at school seem to be about a zillion years long and go by in a flash all at the same time?    I was in class for a grand total of 8 hours this week and it felt like more like 60!  This week should be a lot better.  We also had a stomach bug, bad traffic (really bad), and what felt like a three-mile high pile of paperwork to contend with!  Whew.  Friday came as a relief.

So, what in the midst of all that, got accomplished last week?  Here's the review:

* First week paperwork (drop/adds, update class lists, copies, forms, etc.)
* Grading from this week

* Get web pages up and online before first day of class (My part of this is done - I have to wait for IT to get theirs done!)

* Review statistics with a classmate who did much better in statistics than I did (will meet with the statistician later)
* Meet with my advisor
* Continue cleaning out my desk and filing cabinet

* Teach 2 classes, attend 2 classes I only attended 1 additional class this week.
* Learn 3 new routines
* Put together 2 new sets
* Update paperwork

* Family Night: Continue with Attentiveness
* Date night out with John (free childcare at church - we're taking a picnic to a park and stopping for coffee afterward with a gift card)

* Sew patches on Buddy's scout uniform

* Continue blanching vegetables
* Continue weeding back yard flower and vegetable beds

* Install at least one roll of edging for the back flower beds
* 30 minutes of sewing/mending

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Make a decision about the paraments for church
* Prepare for Rally Sunday
* Email our Compassion Child
(I totally keep forgetting to do this - that child will think we've forgotten about her! I have her photo on my desk at work with my children's photos. You'd think I'd remember!)

* Get to bed on time at least 4 nights this week
* Take 30 minutes to do embroidery one night this week (treat to myself!) I chose to go to bed extra early this week instead - this stomach bug is driving me nuts!

Not too bad for a week with stomach bugs and everything else.  This week we add dance classes and piano lessons into the mix as well and it will be the first "full" week of "stuff" for everyone.

Here's my goals for this week:

* Continue to keep up with grading
* Finish all the back-ground work for the first units for both classes (these were mostly done before, I just have to dot i's and cross t's, now that I know how many students I have)
* Get the web pages up!
* Department potluck - bring fruit salad

* Continue cleaning out my desk and bookcase
* Cross 2 things off my dissertation to-do list

* Teach at promo event
* Teach 2 classes, attend 1 additional class
* 2 new routines
* 1 new set

* Continue blanching veggies (we're almost done with these for the year)
* 30 minutes weeding
* Lay mulch in back flower bed
* Catch up the ironing
* Finalize Christmas gift list - pick one to work on right now

* Family Night: Continue with attentiveness, bonfire
* At home date night with John
* Start dance lessons this week - 2x/wk
* Start piano lessons this week - 1x/wk

* John helps officiate at a friends' funeral this week :(
* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Talk to the church office about the paraments
* Read book for book study

* Paint my toe nails
* 30 minutes of embroidery
* Go to bed on time for 5 nights this week

What are your goals for this week?  Check out Money Saving Mom for inspiration!


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