These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Birthday Parties!

One of the things I so enjoy about having children is their birthday parties!  Excitement, fun, and way too much cake and noise. Who can beat that?

Missy and Buddy turned 6 years old the beginning of May and had 17 0-6 year olds at our house for a Princess and Knight themed party.  They got to decorate crowns and shields, "rescue" a "princess" in trouble, chase each other around and eat cake and cookies. 

Since their birthday was during finals week for me, I had to leave much of the planning and doing to my Mom.  Grandma's are great and we all had a blast - especially Grandma!

My Mom and my cousin, Diane, helped make this wonderful cake - isn't it cute (and yes, I do realize that the knights and princess are a wee bit out of scale!).

I loved watching the children decorate and be creative.

And I think we're still finding these in the flower bed!

Truly, birthday parties are one of my favorite things! 
What more can I ask for?

*Note*  I'm planning on being back to blogging regularly this week after an unplanned month off.  I'll share some details later this week, but for now, we're fine, busy, and enjoying a relatively slower place after a very hectic May.!  Thanks for sticking with me in spite of my unannounced and unplanned time off - I really and truly appreciate it!


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