A New Why of Reaching My Cleaning Out Goal

I think clutter multiplies in my home.  Does it in yours?  I feel like I put thing away or even just set them down, come back later and the amount has doubled or tripled. * Sigh *

We're working really hard on cleaning out our home - getting rid of all that junk stuff that we just don't use or can't seem to find a home for.

I'm discovering that I keep cleaning out the same areas over and over again.  The areas that really need to be cleaned out, seem to get left behind and get more and more crowded with the things that don't have a home elsewhere.

My new goal is to look at the areas that don't get touched regularly and get rid of two things per day.

What have I gotten rid of this week:

* A hideous light-up Christmas tree topper angel that my aunt gave me
* An equally hideous doll that my aunt gave my daughter (which isn't meant to be played with either)
* A pair of matchstick blinds that I've had sitting in the corner of my bedroom for 4 years
* Recycled a ton of paper
* Recycled even more paper
* Got rid of a box of Christmas decorations that we haven't used in the 10 years we've owned our house
* Donated two large boxes of outgrown kids clothes

I'm feeling good and I'm liking that I'm getting to areas of my house that haven't been touched for a while. I can actually walk under my stairs again!

How are you doing with your goals?  Care to share?


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