Healthy Habits in 2011 - Battling Chronic Illness

I have written before a little bit about how one of my main reasons for getting healthy is to keep these two chronic illnesses that I have in check.   One can be controlled very well through diet and exercise - and that works very well .  The other has fewer flare-ups if I eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. Sleep being the key point here.

I found out last week that I've been in a flare-up for about 12 weeks. 

This week (and for the next 3 weeks) that  means nasty-scary antibiotics, plenty of sleep and prayers that I don't have to go on something stronger and more invasive again.

I had just thought I was tired from all the end-of-semester chaos and everything else that's been going on in my life.  I totally didn't realize that the 4 1/2 -5 hours of sleep I was getting a night was not helping and that my fatigue was due to a flare-up rather than just being 'regularly tired.'

My problem is this - I don't know what my limits are anymore.

I have to re-learn them.

When I'm healthy - as healthy as I'm going to get anyway - pushing myself when I work out and skimming a little (and I do mean a little only) on sleep is fine.

When I get over-tired, it's not.  When I'm in a flare-up it's not. When I'm stressed out, it's not.

So, here's the question:  How do I meet my exercise and fitness goals without sacrificing my other goals or pushing myself so hard I have a flare-up or worse?

Being overweight and sluggish all the time isn't an option anymore.  It perpetuates the illnesses and I can't live like that anymore. 

I've been thinking on that this last week and I'm not sure I have an answer. 

What suggestions do you have for me?

I'm hoping to come up with a couple of different options to try over my summer here.



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