My Last Week in Numbers...

This last week has been quite the week - it seems like ever since we got back from Thanksgiving it's been crazy and I just can't dig myself out.  So here's what I've been up to for my silent week (since last Tuesday):

Number of classes taught: 3
Number of assignments graded: 220
Number of quizzes graded: 22
Number of labs graded: 22
Number of tests written: 2
Number of transcripts analyzed: 14
Number of hours spent in the car: 32
Number of hours spent sewing for the Christmas program this past weekend: 2
Number of hours spent sewing Christmas presents: 1 1/2
Number of Christmas program practices attended: 2
Number of Christmas program practices canceled due to snow: 2
Number of Christmas program performances canceled due to snow: 1
Number of Christmas program performances held: 3
Number of times I had to re-pin Missy's skirt because it almost fell off: 6
Number of times I had to retie Buddy's shoes: 3
Number of Christmas presents wrapped and delivered: 10
Inches of snow we received this weekend: 19
Hours John spent shoveling: 8
Amount of time it took to hit two stores during the snowstorm: 3 1/2 hours
Extra number of hours I spent sleeping since last Wednesday in an attempt to get rid of a sinus infection: 23
Number of days our Internet connection has been down at work: 4
Number of cookies baked this past weekend: 4 dozen
Number of solution sets written up: 3
Loads of laundry washed: 9
Amount of time I spent with my Mother-in-law: 16 hours
Number of deaths of family and friends: 2
Number of serious medical diagnoses among family and friends: 2
Friends who had surgery: 1
Trips to the ER: 1
Number of visits with our kids' school principal: 1
Number of visits with our kids' teacher: 3
Number of emails from our kids' teacher: 5
Number of clandestine ice cream sandwiches Missy ate at a friends' house on Saturday: 3
Height of the snow piles on either side of our driveway: 5 1/4 ft
Christmas decorations put on display: 1
Dozens of muffins made: 3
Rooms completely cleaned out: 1
Prescriptions I'm currently taking: 2
Accidents due to road conditions that I managed to avoid: 9
Number of 12 c pots of coffee I brewed: 14
Hours I spent helping students outside of class: 8
Bills paid: 9
Hours spent balancing the checkbook: 2 1/2
Ginger bread houses made: 1

No wonder I'm tired!

I will try to get back to blogging regularly this week. No guarantees though - kicking this sinus infection comes first! And since the school semester is coming to an end, that means things wind up for a short time here too.  Thanks for hanging with me while I try to sort this all out.  I do appreciate it.

How did your week go?


  1. Wow, just the sheer volume of your week is nothing short of impressive. The only one I could beat you in is the pots of coffee.
    And I'm very sorry for your friend and family losses. I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Charlie!
    I'll battle you for pots of coffee any day! :)

    Coffee is a line item in my budget and a necessity in my book...does that make me weird?

    Believe it or not - that was a 'slow' week here. I'll be completely glad when this whole PhD thing is DONE and I can have one fewer thing on my plate.

    Appreciate the prayers - they're always appreciated.


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