Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healthy Habits in 2010 - Six Plus Two

I was so proud of myself the week of Thanksgiving - I worked out six time!  Yes, I even worked out on Thanksgiving day (and at 745am mind you!). :)  I think that balanced out the TON of deserts we had at my in-laws - literally a whole table of them (all pumpkin-related!).

This last week?  Not so much.

I worked out a whole whopping two times this last week.
If I average them, that's 4 time a week over the last two weeks! :) Does that count?

I won't even talk about what I ate because, boy did I eat a LOT more than I should have during thanksgiving week.  I have been better during the last week, and I'm liking that!

I'll tell you something though:

Something changed in my thinking the beginning of Thanksgiving week.  Something that has made me work on cleaning out, watching what I eat, and exercising more than ever before.  My house shows it and my waists fit better and someone even commented on it at Jazzercise last week! 

I'm lovin' that!

How are you doing?  Making progress? Care to Share?

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