Healthy Habits in 2010 - Ramping It Up!

After eating all this junk for a few weeks, I decided that it's time to really work on my eating.  And, yes, while I'm going into the land of Christmas baking!  Yee haw!  Nothing like a challenge, right?

This past week I did pretty well with working out. Since I didn't put it in yesterday's post here it is:

Number of times I worked out: 4

Yep 4!  With a sinus infection, and a whole host of other things going on to boot.  Was I sore? Yes.  Did my legs scream? Yes.  Did I move up to level two in the 30 Day Shred? Yes.   :)

This week is even easier!  Since the semester is almost done, my teaching requirements have 'calmed down' (though grading has ramped way up!) and I am able to attend Jazzercise more than I have for a while.  So I'm attending Jazzercise 4 times this week!  And I'm hoping to get in at least one more workout with Jillian.    I'm gunning for 2, but I'll settle for one.

Can you believe I'm actually excited about ramping up the exercise?  Love that!

Now it's time to tackle what I eat.

I was raised with the idea that nothing is 'off limits'.  Foods that aren't as healthy mean you get a taste rather than a ton. A cookie with your afternoon coffee for example rather than eating a whole plate mindlessly while watching a TV show.  Or a handful of chips with a sandwich for a picnic lunch rather than eating a whole bag while reading a book.  And yes, I've been guilty of both of those!  

My food goal this week?

Stopping and thinking before I eat.  And if I'm not hungry, replacing eating with doing something.

Nothing like ramping up the 'food thing' while heading into baking season.  And I love to bake.  But I'm baking with a plan this year and am able to share most of my baking with others.  So that means I'll have enough for a cookie with my coffee or to stick in my lunch as a treat.  I'm hoping that means I won't be as tempted to eat so many of them!  And I've found it's awfully hard to eat when your hands are full of doing something else. 
It's not like I don't have anything to do around here....

What are you up to this week?  Care to share?


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